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over the past few days has been getting Taobao off, has been thinking about how to pull potential customers, I think this problem has been a headache sellers. Of course, the most direct way is to do advertising auction, which money, this project did not lose the eye only half life. So I don’t want to do, but also test, trouble… Second methods, then send advertising. To talk about hair, people delete your post, do not let. To Post Bar, finally sent dozens of people, not to directly link, no, I can’t send a few keywords, because I just do, ranking is not good, people look for Baidu also help others to work, finally, I thought of email advertising.


test, I extracted the most talked about on the website of the ID mailbox, send advertising, send 4000 emails to do the test, the other me three hours to 30 IP, click only five, buy less. Feel this way is not direct, of course, is effective.

test two, I think, every second there are more than N users in the Internet, how do I send ads to them, there are several ways, or in the big site advertising, such as Baidu, Taobao, sina ah. Do not dare to think, I do not have this capital ah. 2, I will online. General online will be a QQ, then I do not send QQ ads, then I will send QQ advertising, the effect is not very obvious, I tried to send a message to send a message to their own QQ, the problem came out.. If I do not open the mailbox, I will not find that I have a new e-mail. People online this advantage, I certainly did not take advantage of the next is the heart, and I followed, with the QQ mailbox do my bulk mail, the effect will come out soon. As long as the online QQ, used to send an email mailbox, you will immediately display ads on the other side of the lower right corner of the screen, but also afraid of other people can not see, as long as your method of making enough temptation, if others do not, if people do not buy.


test results, one hour I sent 1500 letters, 748 IP click, I want to buy the product the customer is at one percent, I also have some success rate. In addition, the site also applied to several CPA ads into a back view, 25 registered, calculated by $2 each have more than and 100 also, not including Taobao passenger commission.

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