U S host Lunarpages to enhance the competitiveness of the Chinese market snatch

Lunarpages with a good reputation and breakthrough sales, foreign trade market leader always holds the throne, Lunarpages in order to further consolidate its dominant position in the host product comprehensive optimization, adhere to innovation, not only to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness, but also let the market gains more popularity.

top data center access speed class

LunarPages host strong stability, by the number of evaluation agencies listed as the first, it has the world’s top data center, most of the countries in the United States and the international access speed is very fast, very suitable for the building of foreign trade website. But even in China, the host access speed is excellent, and the domestic virtual host access speed difference, also can overcome the problem of slow domestic telecommunications network visits, therefore, customers for the domestic LunarPages virtual host is also very suitable. In addition, Lunarpages host also provides DDOS hardware protection and backup services every week, high security is also an important reason for the LunarPages host to gallop in the international market.

thirty percent off deals provoke eye

Chinese virtual host market has been taking place for the host, the host Lunarpages to respond to market competition, also launched a high preferential access, permanent preferential use coupon code China30 to buy a host can get 30%, and get a free and independent IP, as everyone knows, independent IP virtual host is very popular in the market. Especially the website, with the host computer can install SSL certificate to protect the security of transactions, but now the independent IP resources, individual purchase costs are higher and the Lunarpages host to solve this dilemma, Lunarpages launched discount code China30 to buy the host, you can receive a separate IP, very good value, more information: http://s.top.idcspy.org/lunarpages.

multiple guarantees to build assured host

At present,

, Lunarpages in addition to the introduction of Chinese station http://s.cn.lunarpages.com, also launched a Chinese customer service, greatly solve the language barriers China users buy host, users in the purchase of Lunarpages host, can own demand in March, half a year to pay, pay and other pay period, reducing the purchase of doubt, but LunarPages is also provided free 30 day refund policy, as long as the user does not use the domain name of the case within 30 days can apply for a full refund, greatly protect the interests of the users.

Lunarpages to win a high reputation in the Chinese market, now in the spring season, it also carried out a full range of layout optimization, user support further increase >

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