The domain name Tw Hk reached the domestic Chinese also can register

recently, Beijing Xinnet Digital Information Technology Co. Ltd. initiated in the English.TW domain name registration frenzy, becoming the first in English.TW can provide domain name registration services. The new network launched a series of new domain names, including Chinese.Hk, English.Hk and Chinese.Biz five categories. So far, the new network can provide users with.Cn,.Com,.Net,.Cc,.Org,.Tv and other dozens of domain name registration services, has become the current domestic product lines to provide the most complete service provider.

according to iResearch company data show that in 2006 the total number of domain China reached 4 million 120 thousand, an increase of 59% compared to 2005 this year; in the CNNIC CN domain and vigorously promote the drive, the total number of domain names has exceeded 5 million. It is estimated that by the 2008 Olympic Games, China’s number of domain names can exceed 6 million mark, by 2009 will reach 7 million 500 thousand. The growth of China’s domain name market reflects the rapid development of China’s internet.

and domain name, as China’s Internet development of the central nervous system, it is bound to move toward the direction of personalized, diversified development. .HK, TW domain name is China’s Hongkong and Taiwan top-level domain name. In recent years, domestic investment in Hong Kong, Taiwan, the increase in the number of.HK and.TW, domain name registration market showing a large space. .BIZ is a new international top-level domain, known as.Com’s strong competitors, but also a natural replacement for.Com, is the English word " (business"); (business) abbreviation, representing the business sector.

is well known, the domain name represents the first step into the internet. Talking about how to effectively combine the domain name with the use of e-commerce, Beijing new network digital information technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Li Penghui has a unique understanding of the product. He pointed out that the domain name is the "brick" website "jade", the so-called "brick", e-commerce applications important to business website, so that each enterprise really from the transition to the display type website can realize online transactions to network marketing. At the same time, called on domestic enterprises to strengthen the awareness of the protection of the domain name, in the shortest possible time the impact of advertising into commercial value.

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