Group purchase industry integrity frequently questioned the business behavior norms

recently Gaopeng sales of fake Tissot event by individual media coverage, the final Gaopeng responded that the event source to provide false qualification information in the business, resulting in a false statement on the shelves. Because of this incident, Gaopeng also brought to the public limelight, integrity of group purchase website once again become the focus of the industry.

integrity torture buy industry

in fact, since the establishment of the group buying site, the integrity issue has been widely referred to. From the logistics to the service, from the platform to the business, consumers can enjoy the desired shopping experience directly affect the integrity of the site to buy evaluation. 0 yuan lottery, the zero Wanli travel packages refund difficult, not easy to pay money to see quality cooperation, executive acquiescence and prompt selling…… Over the past two years, the Group buy site, the phenomenon of bad faith in an endless stream, but also to the original hot lively industry cast a shadow.

Buy mode since entering China in 2009, once triggered a big discussion of the Internet business model innovation, a time to buy the site explosive growth. As of May 2011, the domestic buy site breakthrough 5000, the overall average daily coverage of up to 26 million 210 thousand people. 2010 China network group purchase market reached 1 billion 450 million yuan, is expected in 2011 will reach 4 billion 350 million yuan, accounting for Chinese total retail sales of social consumer goods 0.02%, to 2015, Chinese network group purchase market size will be close to 30 billion yuan.

but under this momentum majestic, hidden countless ills and acne. So, what is the reason for making the original widely promising industry in the group purchase "bad faith"


industry standard of unknown illegal businesses repeatedly loophole

in the Tissot fake watch case, a company called Tianjin gold trading company three watch supply business involved Gaopeng websites on the sales of Tissot is provided by the enterprise.

in Tianjin city Gaopeng said, three gold trading company provides false information to the agency, said Gaopeng has launched the report and legal procedures, hope that through legal means should protect the rights and interests of consumers and gaopeng.

well, there have been such fake events, whether it is part of the agents? According to a person engaged in luxury e-commerce sources, group purchase websites and online shopping sites such as electricity providers have been doing platform audit mechanism for businesses is rigorous, must have regular brand authorization to enter, but now, foreign brands direct authorization to domestic agents is not a common practice, domestic suppliers can only rely on foreign discount stores, Italy large wholesalers purchase two channels, and through these two channels to get the authorization is impossible 100%.

this means that the entire domestic electricity supplier industry in the business qualification audit mechanism is still not perfect, the strict requirements of the qualifications of suppliers

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