Happy to buy the electricity supplier is not normal cross border electricity

Abstract: TV shopping, one at the beginning of twenty-first Century as the derivative as popular concept, has now become a hearing will make people at a distance. Because of that word, we can think only those in a fixed period of time will only repeat scam "spam", and "at all as long as 998". Recently, just landed the Shenzhen stock exchange is known as the "TV shopping first" happy announced the purchase of cross-border electricity providers to enter, let this industry has long been out of sight again surfaced.

of course must be interpreted in the village, and that shot for a place, mostly without a license without supervision compared to known as "defend buy" spam, such as Happigo class "home purchase" is referred to as "regular TV shopping", however, the so-called "regular" and did not let this kind of TV shopping out of infamy, because he also has many problems.

exaggerated publicity

can be seen in the consumer complaints, no matter who purchase or family purchase, are many real and on TV be quite different situation, most of them have deceived and bragging about the ingredients, consumers often can not accurately determine its true value, it is because the business profit and the space. They provide the certificate or data usually have a lot of water, including some of the so-called on behalf of the manufacturers and the user experience is also very likely false, just to exaggerate the value and function of it. A consumer broke the news, in the joy of the purchase of the purchase of jewelry, suffered a certificate fraud.

product quality is not

TV shopping often hit the lowest price to attract consumers, but also from time to time to engage in some fold on the member day and other gimmicks. However, the low price and profit, to lower the costs, so "cheap" and you will find happiness, the majority of products are not buy well-known brands, or even similar "low-end" products.

as the saying goes, no good cheap goods, and therefore to the quality of the product buried a lot of hidden dangers, to see these experiences

malicious arrears refund

is a nickname for the "u_98325778" at the end of the friends broke the news, in November last year at the beginning of Happigo channel to buy a set of lampblack machine. Subsequently, because of the purchase of the purchase of the happy claims that the system upgrade, can not send orders, resulting in the purchase of goods and so on 14 days also failed to arrive, the user choose to refund.

but until a month later still no refund, and midway hit a number of customer service phone failed. When playing again happy to buy the phone call to ask about the progress of the refund, the user claimed: but was told in January 15th when the refund has been successful. I hung up the phone immediately query the bank account, there is no recorded information. I immediately called to buy happiness after sale, was informed that the refund has been successful, or the phone and I have confirmed. But I did not receive a refund, I repeatedly and each other’s staff to check the account information to prove

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