Bezos is not afraid of offending suppliers consumers with me

The friction between

technology news and Tencent although book suppliers and film producers to let Amazon loss of some commodities, but the company founder and CEO Geoff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) or a consumer on Amazon and Prime convenient shopping express service dependence can help the company prevail in the negotiations in the dispute.

23 year old Paul S (Paul Shi) consumers in New York two years ago to subscribe to Amazon Prime courier service, he often in the Amazon to buy flip flops and second-hand books and other merchandise. What Paul said, Amazon with large publishers Hachette book group (Hachette Book Group) and the friction between the media company Walter Disney did not affect his buying habits.

although with media companies differences for the Amazon criticism, but with the support of consumers, Bezos is likely to prevail in the negotiations. From the beginning of May this year, Amazon and Hachetter e-book sales into the negotiations gradually evolved into a popular farce, finally tough at the part of Amazon ebook Hachette removed on the site. Recently, Amazon also stopped booking service provides part of Disney movies, including the hit film "Captain America 2: the winter soldier".

business growth is still strong

although Amazon has stopped some of the books and DVD scheduled services, but this did not have any impact on the company’s main business. According to foreign media compiled data show that in June of this year, the Amazon website traffic grew by nearly 7% in the year to July, the seller of the third party in the Amazon website revenue grew by more than 40%.

this is largely due to Bezos with Prime courier service for Amazon has accumulated a large user base, the courier service commodity can be sent to the user within two days. In addition, the lower commodity prices on the Amazon website is another major factor to attract users. This let beisuosi easily retain users, and then continue to put pressure on commodity and content providers.

& investment firm Needham Co. analyst; Kerry Rice (Kerry Rice) pointed out: "the Amazon’s annual revenue still can reach $100 billion. Such friction may cause some damage to the Amazon, but I think the overall impact is negligible."

face rising pressure from investors to promote the company’s net profit, the contradiction between the Amazon and suppliers increasingly open. Amazon shares fell 9.7% last month, as of Wednesday’s close, its share price is down more than a year in, while the standard & Poor’s 500 index rose by 5.3%.

The relationship between

and Amazon is still very stable

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