Beijing’s first housing congregation drop 79 seconds a fastest record

the morning of October 21st 10, "from the congregation of Beijing Railway Station first project to raise public – – the ideal Bay Hongkun officially opened grab, 79 seconds to refresh the housing completed at once, raise public record, becoming the fastest to complete the project to raise public. The congregation raised houses for the ideal Bay – Hongkun a flat 88 small Sanju, open 20 minutes before and after the registration page hits broken five thousand. According to the event revealed that, in addition to the success of the 380 people outside the registration, the public to miss the real estate buyers, but also to participate in the activities of the 45% off grab.

following the Suzhou Vanke, Chongqing Lianfa, Tianjin Markor Dongguan new century and Changzhou metro, "from the congregation in the country xinghuoliaoyuan. All the chips are selected to raise the brand to protect the real estate, many of the lowest half off to raise public auction or even, for the current transaction deals on average in the 85%-90% market, is undoubtedly a feast.

technology – the ideal Bay as Beijing’s first housing project to raise the public, a total construction area of over 1 million square meters, occupy Jing Zhuo metro rail core position, from the Beijing Shijiazhuang High-speed Rail Zhuozhou station and Beijing Shijiazhuang expressway are less than 400 meters, half an hour to the Beijing West Second Ring Road, convenient transportation; project surrounding facilities complete, include a number of banks, post offices, supermarkets, catering and other life infrastructure. In education, the integration of multi-level, multi institutional education resources system.


house is really so cheap? Where can sign up? "News just released ceaselessly the customers call Advisory calls. From the customer service staff confused, hate not long a few hands and mouths. Customers also worry about whether it is false news, "I used to have a call that concerned about this project, can not be so cheap!" to let everyone incredible price Qipai 410 thousand.

"to participate in activities to raise public housing but also to express the sincerity 12 anniversary gift hongkun." The person in charge of technology – the ideal Bay project, to participate in the remake of the 88 flat small Sanju in the fresh air system, the current market price is 7200, for the intention of customers is definitely a worthwhile investment. 79 seconds to raise the public also confirms the success of this housing is indeed welcome."

room to raise all the major cities in the country have been carried out, the congregation raised the speed was a record, from 9 hours, 90 minutes to 15 minutes, in Beijing to start the first two seconds to complete. "This is the raise and the new high-speed rail line, high-speed rail speed!" campaign official quipped. I did not expect so quickly to raise the public to complete, a lot of intent to miss the public to raise the public, but it does not matter, I hope you do not miss the 45% off beat."

it is reported that from now until the 28 day of 14, we have the opportunity to enroll in Hongkun – ideal Bay 88 flat small Sanju auction, the auction from 28 PM 14:00 auction, the final auction premium successful part is allocated to investors to raise investment income.

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