GET2016 Video debut poly Weishi live for online education


high-profile education industry Festival GET 2016 conference countdown stage of tension, as the video cloud service providers of domestic leading technology and the only focus of online education, will attend the meeting VISIA poly. The forum in the afternoon of November 11th on the theme of educational technology, poly CEO Xiaofang Xie will be how to use the Internet to share video technology in online education, the future education of the new +VR online learning experience, fully decrypted integration of cloud video technology and online education way. In addition, the same field and the relaxation sound science and technology, education, etc. all future factory is a technology star enterprise, gathered a large coffee, dry cargo exciting highlights.

GET Educational Technology Conference (Global Education Technology) is a high-level education event hosted by the mustard heap is not a global education practitioners. According to organizers, this year to "create · · new ecology" as the theme, from the 38 leaders invited to the forum guests at home and abroad published on education industry insights, the Global 100 enterprises to show the education style of the new era, the main forum, carried out at the same time, specially introduced the betta live, increase a quarter of an hour, the tutor movie hall, thinking workshop, teachers, free speech area, game player six highlights interactive workshop. The gathering of high-tech elements and interactive play is also a new hope for the participants to feel the forefront of educational technology products, thereby encouraging innovation in education, promote the development of education.


said the technology known as the dark horse recently won the high poly Granville, announced in May this year to get tens of millions of dollars of financing, in July to join chinadrm, September has been issued by the Ministry of the trusted cloud certification, in October fifth time gains Chinese innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition outstanding enterprise award, November GET conference is a high-profile appearance, heady, highly recognized by the industry.

is a company with independent intellectual property rights of high-tech enterprises, poly vishi technology backbone are from NetEase, Alibaba and other Internet companies have China class, the most powerful video technology research and development team. In terms of products, poly Granville education oriented, the use of video processing and online cluster encryption technology and a number of online education to develop the unique function of online video cloud service focused on providing a stable, scalable, cross terminal, network video streaming media applications to provide professional technology solutions. In the years of large-scale data processing and analysis process, has accumulated a large scale server cluster operation experience and technical ability, the stability of more than 99.99%, to provide a safe and reliable video cloud services for enterprises.


cloud video on demand platform since the official on-line in 2012, more than 2 cooperative enterprises, the average daily new video 30 thousand, the monthly average playback volume of more than 1>

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