Online shopping PC is still the main force


title is a news headline. The news is that although the business platform and retail companies are very optimistic about the mobile Internet, overweight mobile providers, but according to the American e-commerce report data solutions provider Monetate provides: more than 70% of the online shopping source of traffic on the PC side, and the sum of the flow tablet and smart mobile phone is still less than 30%. Online shopping turnover PC port is the sum of the flat and mobile ports, PC port single spending amount is greater than tablet PCs and smart phones.

The data for

optimistic about the mobile Internet business platform, as well as a large number of enterprises to enter the mobile electricity supplier, is undoubtedly a reminder: the mobile Internet business cake and perhaps not as we imagine so big. We would like to ask is: why this phenomenon? What factors led to the PC online shopping is still the main force? What are the factors leading to the slow movement of mobile providers


PC is the main reason for online shopping

integrated users in this news following comments, together, we still favor the PC rather than the main reason for the mobile terminal is as follows.

shopping experience


users in the shopping mall, there are pictures of products, price, product description, user reviews and focusing on elements of the purchase page, in the eyes of many consumers, more, collect product information and manufacturers more detailed, more correct decision to buy online shopping, the smaller the risk. Larger computer display, fast speed can show a lot of products and manufacturers information to enhance the shopping experience. Contrary to the PC shopping experience, the slow speed of mobile shopping network speed, the limited information presented, which makes many consumers reluctant to buy through mobile phones and tablet PCs. In addition, the keyboard + mouse online shopping is indeed better than the mobile device gestures.

consumer psychology

from the consumer psychology, consumers in making consumer decisions, are cautious, are after some thinking, all want to make rational decisions. PC is more suitable for some serious work and tasks, and tablet PCs and smart phones are more suitable for entertainment and leisure. Online shopping is more likely to work in serious categories. Therefore, consumers prefer to purchase online through PC. In addition, from the point of view of consumer risk aversion, PC port account transactions are also considered more secure.

shopping habits

online shopping was born in the PC port, while the mobile electricity supplier is booming in the past two years. Many consumers have developed through the PC shopping habits, habits, although the impact of external forces to make changes, but the need for external force is strong enough and slow change. So, PC port shopping is still more than 7 into the consumer’s choice.

online shopping time

although the author does not have statistics on the main online shopping time, but as long as we are superficial >

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