Electricity supplier last chance is also the beginning of the demise of the electricity supplier


a few days ago, this theme made a micro-blog, then received a number of DMS and QQ, are in doubt: how can business disappear? Therefore, I began to write an article explaining brewing. At first I wondered: why most people do not look at the first half of the sentence "business opportunities", and pay more attention to the disappearance of the electricity supplier problem? Think about it through, a lot of people are targeting the broader Internet zone, see how many unknown small achievements of the miracle business, think about now is jealous! More people want to use a cavity blood, interconnected network to capture more fish! But this time, I come to a "business." at the beginning, how frightening?


actually disappear and exist is not important, I would like to express the electricity supplier in China, this is an opportunity, we must seize. But at the same time you have to see the future of the electricity supplier – the demise. If you do not see this problem, only to seize the opportunity of the electricity supplier, but did not see the trend of the development of electricity providers to change, then you will only be phased success. We must not forget that in the transformation of each era, will gush some success, this is the transformation of the product, but also a product of chance! Eventually, can the transformation of this opportunity to strength, long-term success, otherwise there is no good results! Success really is god horse cloud. Therefore, we must recognize, accept and embrace this change!

why electricity supplier is the last chance?

said N years ago.

is the world’s two largest carbonated beverage brands Coca-Cola and Pepsi, when they came to Chinese, once the China 8 national brand Cola quickly. Why? Because they are not aware of the changes made in the face of transformation and change strategy. Americans say: no matter how you change, we will not believe in the world was born third carbonated drinks brand. They are right, but it is in the United States, the United States of America’s national conditions!


founder He Boquan, unwilling or want to do carbonated beverages, for the world’s top consulting firms, the McKinsey, said in China investigation for 1 years, gave a result: in Chinese was unlikely third Cola Brand! The reason is: two may have occupied the absolute brand in the customer’s mind. As a result, He Boquan gave up the coke plan, it is said that even the name of the brand in the year even want to be good, called "happy Cola", "He Boquan"".

and partial Wahaha Zong buxinxie, immediately launched the "cola", his reason is simple: Chinese market determines the existence of the blank area of the last mile, I just spread the goods in the last mile! This is Coca-Cola and Pepsi can instantly reach, so he was a success. This case illustrates: China has 9 million 600 thousand regions, 1 billion 300 million of the population, the brand pattern cannot cover such a long tail market characteristics, you always have a chance to take a blank.

this is also explained: China’s electricity supplier opportunities where.

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