Groupon acquisition of 24 coupons truth it was just a flicker

September 13th news today, the domestic group buying site has not been a significant cooling trend. It should even group purchase financing, originator Groupon are not expected. The handle network, the U.S. group, F group and group purchase website announced after obtaining financing before the 24 ticket CEO Du Yinan said in an interview, 24 tickets in December of last year and Groupon contact, "from their angel investors to senior management, we have talked to all keep in touch." On the acquisition of funds, Du Yinan told the media, I can only say that on this matter, it does exist, but the acquisition of funds is not convenient to disclose."

for Du Yinan’s comments, insiders recently to speed transit network reporters, Groupon did not and 24 tickets business acquisition, Du Yinan called "this thing really exists, just kidding media is not the truth. The industry also revealed that 24 coupons either in the rankings or in the performance of user attention, are not ranked in the forefront of the industry. Groupon if you really want to buy the domestic buy site, why would choose only 24 aspects of the performance is not outstanding.


blue line shows 24 coupons user attention

The reporter then opened

Baidu index, type "handle network, sticky web, 24 coupons, Baidu index, be roughly the same user attention handle network and glutinous rice network, to rise. In contrast, the average performance of 24 coupons, user attention is significantly behind the handle network and glutinous rice.

users have told reporters reflect, there are 24 coupons most of the sites are common, such as slow delivery, customer service did not respond. Reporter login 24 coupon site, in the "24 coupons Q & a", did see some of the problems reflected by users.

according to the group 800 network in August to make statistics show that in the most user focus buy site rankings, the United States, the United States and the group of the top two sites ranked runner up. Reporters saw this in August the most concerned about the site to buy the list, the 24 coupons ranked fifth.

is understood, Groupon president and chief operating officer of the Romanian · Solomon (Rob Solomon), said the company plans to achieve growth in the international market through acquisitions. In May this year, Groupon acquired the company in Berlin, City Deal GmbH, the business will expand to 80 markets in europe. August, Groupon also announced that it has acquired a majority stake in the Japanese shopping site Qpod and the Russian shopping site Darberry. The latest acquisitions show that Groupon has expanded its business to 230 markets in 29 countries.

Andrew ·, Mason also admitted that the company is bound to enter China, the industry sources said, Groupon is also working with domestic websites to negotiate the acquisition

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