How to avoid fake goods in the electronic business platform

recently about fake occur frequently in the electronic business platform, consumers often believe that online shopping has already acquired a pair of piercing eye, buy fake or does not match the description of products and I am not a two time in the electronic business platform, although the return process, it also a waste of time, waste the worry about the money, or use the time not. That should be avoided in the electronic business platform to buy fake it?

one, in the formal platform to buy

if you already trust or friends often use the platform can (at this time WeChat circle of friends products depends on your relationship with the friend before the), such as Taobao’s Tmall, Taobao in product prices is uneven, the difference is very big, but a single brush is like very serious, confused by the false can often be seen, so buy something at the Tmall store, the price is reasonable and there are many conditions to make fake settled, if you still want to see more of you can to each big supermarket business platform to see, for example: BBK cloud: monkey network, Darunfa: Flying Cow net, Yonghui Supermarket: app, Renrenle Yonghui micro shop: big business: online music network, friends of the a Tengu: Friends of art collection and so on, of course, you can also go to the Amazon,, Jingdong (China), shop No. 1, The United States, where to fly around the network, in short, all with personal online shopping habits.

two, depending on the seller’s shop

Product classification

store sales of the clear, accurate positioning, the classification of goods of similar, can be admitted to the filter, if a shop selling food and clothing to sell and sell commodities, will make people feel more professional, although optional, but always let people have concerns. If the shop decoration carefully, can introduce the advantages and disadvantages of goods and the real shooting is as clear as noonday, and the shops are very heavy reputation, and customer service is very hard, we can rest assured that the purchase of goods.

three, looking for the price of goods

look at the price of this depend on the experience, for example, you want to buy a cup of simple ordinary glass also just a few dollars, plastic cups will be slightly cheaper, want to buy insulation Cup, want to see the size of models also in the tens to hundreds of dollars, to determine a good demand. Find the right products, the price will also be able to determine the one or two. Of course, if you are one of the special needs of the community, of course also have special requirements, such as money is not too much, look high, face an important point of the young white collars, see authentic bags and clothes, can not afford to buy much-needed, which makes electricity supplier fake sellers take advantage of this knowledge and selling fake fake fake goods to buy behavior throughout the network, but Taobao also remind consumers, want good stuff, to Amoy, Amoy is a treasure ah.

four, look at the show and evaluation of buyers

do not think buyers show and evaluation of the good must be true, I like to look at the evaluation of things to buy

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