Murong wood how to do electricity supplier

with the depth of the development of the Internet, people’s life and work are increasingly dependent on the Internet, which promote the development of e-commerce, many enterprises are in the water and electricity provider to open up their own Internet empire, but if you do the electronic commerce is not so simple, this paper is mainly to do the electricity supplier, we talk about how to locate and how customers to.

first, the positioning of the electricity supplier

1, the main thing to do, for customers to solve any problems

to do business, the first problem is the planning of their own to sell products, products need to do analysis of the advantages of electricity providers, then need to know to help customers solve what problem, products forever in the demand to some people to buy, this demand is relatively long, rather than temporary, such as Taobao the emergence of selling killed mosquitoes, although the manufacturing customer value, but can be a fire, but no way to sell every year, the customer needs to have a ductility.

2, who are the main competitors? What is the competitive advantage?

, Baidu ranked by market survey report, Taobao stores data analysis under what competitors, and these competitors are what are the advantages, avoid their advantages, with the strategic direction, to avoid head-on, so that you may die in the incubation period. Must have their own ideas and characteristics.

3, do not only meet the needs of customers a point

an electricity supplier website in order to sustainable development, not only to meet the needs of customers a point, to find ways to convert the customer’s needs into the line needs. The relevance of the product needs to grasp their own, of course, it should be primary and secondary, not for the line, and the main product of the advantages of not reflected.

two, customers how to

business customers to come, this is certainly the need of marketing, and the starting point of marketing from 4 points, that is who we are, what we offer? Who is the competition? What is our competitive advantage? What is the value of customer


how to strive for customer effect means a lot, can be roughly divided into eight points:

1, SEM

SEM mainly SEO, PPC, PPC, of course, a lot of people to do the bidding rankings and PPC equation, the two are click paid advertising, should be included and included in the relationship. Of course, here the PPC out, because he is different from other forms of search engine advertising, but also with SEO search engine, search engine optimization, these are able to tap the potential customers, drainage to their site, provide the conditions for the transaction.

2, brand promotion

brand promotion should enhance the user’s sense of identity to the site, and thus more trust in the site, the main way of television, print media, web portal, related to the vertical

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