Alipay AP charges on behalf of the balance of the direct debit


] April 8th news billion state power network, the number of calls to implement the API poly spire charges, Alipay launched for the third party service provider service in the days before withholding fees, the balance is the service provider in the Alipay account, in the settlement date of automatic deduction.

currently in service providers landing poly spire API bill recharge page, Alipay has quietly added withhold button. Service providers can be opened in the service, bound Alipay account, and in accordance with the agreement, the daily settlement will be deducted directly from the Alipay account.

According to Alipay

description, if the service provider has been preloaded, system will automatically recharge from the pre settlement account debit; if the pre recharge account balance is not enough, and have signed up to the Alipay generation service, the system will continue to charge from Alipay account.

billion state power network has learned that since the beginning of March this year, has started the new year poly spire contract work. After the start of April 1st, service providers will be fully settled together spire, also will be in accordance with the API interface to call the number of charges. In order to avoid a sharp increase in the cost of service providers, on the one hand, the poly spire giving businesses preferential policies, on the other hand, the original "37" into "28" into correction.

however, we call the number of charges, there are still many service providers to be done. Businesses have pointed out that the number of calls per month API in more than 500 thousand, poly spire given free threshold is not enough. At the same time, Taobao service market margin increased year by year, squeezing the profits of the business space, another service providers difficult.

in fact, with the gradual implementation of the new deal poly spire, Taobao for the API interface introduced a series of measures, including the upgrade of API charging system, API can automatically calculate cost of call list.


service market and policy adjustment of each poly spire now is’ not a peeling cramps", is good news for the sake of service providers chen." For Alipay collection, there are also businesses bluntly, the surface is to allow businesses to pay more for convenience, it reveals the poly spire "attitude eager money".

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