biz domain name registration fees rose 7% since October

according to The Associated Press, in recent weeks, ".Com", ".Net", ".Org" and ".Info" domain name operators have announced that since mid October this year to improve the bulk registration price.

according to the new contract terms approved by ICANN (Internet domain name and address authority) last year, the domain name operator can improve the domain name registration fee

, but the annual increase of up to 10%, and must be announced in advance of 6 months.

".Biz" operator NeuStar said that since October 19th, ".Biz" registered price will increase by 7% to $6.42.

wrote in a letter to ICANN, NeuStar said, to take this action, mainly in order to allow the ".Biz" domain name and price competition in the domain name to maintain consistent action.

".Biz" suffix is currently the world’s tenth largest domain name, with registered net name of about 1700000.

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