War of words and price war or electricity supplier promotional tool

in the early April, although the Internet can be said to be safe and sound, but this is the beginning of the second quarter, a moment of calm is bound to become a storm before the onset of the harbinger. With 51 gradually approaching, more and more "practical action" slowly emerged, it also allows us to see some signs. Therefore, Xiao Bian boldly predicted that the focus of 51 Internet will point to the electricity supplier, electricity supplier will then put on a good show".

There are no waves without wind., there’s a reason for everything." At the beginning of April, dangdang.com announced high-profile cooperation with Gome, dangdang.com vice president Yao Danqian said in an interview, Dangdang will take advantage of the best time for peer competitor 51 promotions launched a "price battle". With the support of the United States, the strength of Dangdang in the field of 3C is more abundant, Yao Danqian’s high-profile statement is undoubtedly directed at the Jingdong started with 3C mall. Although the Jingdong does not yet have the mall to make a big move back, but with Liu Qiangdong’s unyielding character, believe a "flames of war" is can hardly be avoided.

Between the

and the Jingdong store dangdang.com "a blood feud" is long-standing. Dangdang is relying on the sale of publications and started, although there is a Jingdong mall and excellent competition, but did not shake Dangdang online retail sales of 50%. Jingdong mall is famous for its 3C products, online sales of computers, mobile phones and other appliances product image has been well known, so they occupy the Internet 3C half of the sky". However, with the continuous improvement and development of the electricity supplier industry, Jingdong mall and Dangdang have been fully launched the electricity supplier sales platform, the electricity supplier in this field, their competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

today, the United States and the United States and the United States Dangdang strong attack, which is undoubtedly in the mall and Jingdong war, for Jingdong mall, this is indeed a great challenge.

feel the electricity supplier will be the outbreak of a "battle", except between the Jingdong and the dangdang.com mall "a blood feud", another major reason is the "day". Although in April the Internet is in smooth water, but for electricity providers, one of the key things that cannot be overlooked is the 51 golden week is coming.


now may no longer have the traditional one week holiday, but judging from previous years, this year’s may still become a major electricity supplier of the year "in the exam", and this is a rare opportunity in promotion. Who can seize the initiative during the May Day, who will be able to attract the attention of consumers, profit naturally followed. And want to win the attention of consumers, war and price war is a weapon.

as China’s electricity supplier industry leader Dangdang and Jingdong mall, its president Li Guoqing and naturally become a key figure in the industry, Liu Qiangdong. As a competitor, the two "enemy" is always incompatible. The day before Li Guoqing had predicted: "Jingdong capital mall >

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