Analysis of e commerce website user experience pat Network User Login


1 in the upper left corner of the window, there is a small lock icon that represents a safe login. Enhance the user’s sense of security.



2 dialog box title bar, please log in to continue after the operation of the text prompt, because many users in the middle of the shopping jump to the login window. Users should be told not to interrupt, but to log on and continue.



3 pat and money paid in the first login, will prompt the user to install security controls. Fu Fu Tong landing, to install two security controls. Safe and simple which is more important? When it comes to the safety of users of funds, security is more important, safety is the best user experience, because users feel safe and simple, as the user operation as simple as possible. Can do so that users can simply click on the security controls can be easily installed, do not allow users to download to the local, and then restart the computer in order to enable




4 for the successful landing of the account, will remember the last time you enter the account name, after landing, do not have to repeat the input. For e-commerce sites, please remember the user last mobile phone recharge number, the last delivery address, the last link QQ and so on. These will not easily change the information, can let users less knock knock less, less is less


5 Google browser, when open the landing page, the cursor automatically jump to the input box and enter the box frame should be highlighted, the browser settings, but if the page can achieve such an effect on what browser should have better user experience.



6 when a user has just successfully landed on the mobile phone or bundled with other security settings, you can directly enter the password, do not need to enter the verification code; if the account does not have landed or not landing long, when you enter the password, will be below show the verification code and verification code input box.


7 pat the landing page of the user experience to do is more detailed, test >

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