Brazil buy site online imitation Groupon but combined with local characteristics

Peixe Urbano (Tencent Brazil group purchase website technology plan)

according to foreign media reports, the success of the group buying site Groupon has led to the recent emergence of a large number of similar sites, the emergence of a lot like the United States mission, mission and other cloning Groupon buy a day concept site. Brazil buy site Peixe Urbano (meaning the city’s fish) is also officially released last night, to provide nearly 70 million Internet users in Brazil buy service.

Peixe Urbano founder · juliao (Julio Vasconcellos); gas Kesailuosi admitted that the site has many similarities with Groupon. Peixe Urbano the same day every day by e-mail, Twitter or Facebook to provide users with a chance to buy, the price is usually half off of the original price or even as low as $ninety percent off.

and Groupon, the group must buy a certain number of members to be able to officially began to buy, which encourages users to spread between friends buy news. However, Vasconcellos said he and his partner Peixe Urbano made a number of important changes, so that the site can better adapt to the local culture of Brazil.

two also from the founder of Brazil to do some market research in order to figure out how to make the site different from Groupon. They concluded that, first of all, Brazilians prefer a direct offer, rather than a semi annual discount or gift card expired. Therefore, the Urbano offers to buy the project in the near future to give priority to, such as second days of performance tickets, or local restaurant coupons, etc..

second, Brazilians are not interested in preferential discount coupons or share with friends, so the gas Kesailuosi the site as "a lost treasure city looking for local sites, and at the same time, but also in the process to save money."

is currently the world’s leading website to create a copy of the imitation of the British Snippa, Germany’s Daily Deal and CityDeal, etc. Groupon.

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