Lightning and other issues occurred after the 18 year old female CEO magic department store can cont

what Chou what resentment, the company’s employees invariably Tucao and founder? "Happy to work, found that the company was gone," Shen Ye magic department employees of WeChat circle of friends, let the magic department and entrepreneurship girl Wang Kaixin and mired in controversy and suspicion.


CEO Wang Kai Xin Department of magic.

"All You Magical Are Both Here!" this is an English slogan on the magic department store website. The word "Magical" is far away from the main body of the slogan. This seems to mean that the word "magic" is no longer a magic department store.

on the afternoon of June 29th, a sudden circle of friends so that the recent negative news has been plagued by the magic of the department store once again into trouble.

In this article by

signed "magic department Shen Ye" the user’s circle of friends, the magic in the Department of Shenzhen Nanshan District North Branch Building office is a mess, empty. The circle of friends with the text said: "happy to work, found that the company was gone. Where is my magic department store, where’s the magic girl? "

scene pictures and description of the text, can not help but see the circle of friends who doubt: magic department store is closed down, or move?

screenshots circulated online shortly after the magic department CEO Wang Kaixin through their own circle of friends, micro-blog announced that the event belongs to the company’s normal office relocation behavior; at the same time, she said in response to the interface news reporter’s inquiry, the company in the 25 week is expected to start the relocation, the relocation work will be completed in a whole week in.

"send these photos of the employees were dismissed in quite a long time ago, do not understand why people will use a relocation of things make a fuss." Wang Kaixin told reporters on the interface.

after investigation, however, the interface news reporter learned from the mouth of the insider to another version of the story.

new and old office

North Branch Building is located in Shenzhen Nanshan Science and Technology Park area. Around the building, is located in Shenzhen soft industry base, Baidu International Building, Shenzhen Virtual University Park and other scientific and technological innovation research institutions, entrepreneurial atmosphere. Earlier this year, magic department store moved the office from the Nanshan District Garden City digital building. They rented an office on the 14 floor of the building.

on Monday, June 27th, in the Department of magic as vice president, public relations director Zhang Yan came to the office early to prepare for the new week’s work. However, she and several other colleagues in the presence of an unexpected sight.

"is the empty state," Zhang Yan told news reporters "before the interface, I have not been notified to the company changed the office address, Monday morning to go to the scene after the discovery.

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