Micronet micro network do not spend money to buy things All return to the present function stunning

online online shopping mall has become an important way for the sale of goods, but in addition to the old brand online mall has laid the foundation of the market to win the trust of customers, the new line of the recent one or two years of online shopping to a firm market foothold is difficult, how to make the new on-line online mall foothold in addition to strict control of product quality, how to improve the website visibility is a shortcut to development. In addition to burn celebrity endorsements, also have what way? Micronet micro grid is a good choice, do strong Micronet in the marketing industry is committed to expand the micro network strength can not be underestimated.


Micronet micro network executives said the new on-line online store can be combined with the micro network marketing function full back now, this is a way to maximize customer stickiness and simple terms, after customers buy the first single product in the mall website, to develop their own cash back time, the amount of cash back, in accordance date every day to customers through a custom way to return the required amount, back to the current length of time by mall own plan, so that customers are in the back of time is retained, and will feel free to browse the website to buy other products. For example: the customer in the "back" of consumption in a 5000 yuan iPhone mobile phone, the enterprise product set cycle back for 40 days, the system will automatically return to 125 yuan per day on average to the customer account deposit or WeChat wallet.


reporter to interview a marketing expert, he said, in the fierce competition today, with the cash flow is to have the right to life and initiative, micro grid full back now model can allow businesses to get a large amount of money in a very short period of time, and because of the temptation of rules must buy will attract a large number of customers to pay crazy. The reporter interviewed a senior online shopping person, she said, even if the new on-line mall, but the cash back mode also will attract her attention, will participate in the purchase, and compared to other sites, spend the same money, but the money can return now all returns in the specified date inside, shoppers and Why not?? this sales model basically all competitors seckill.

micro network insiders revealed that since July 11, 2016 the whole microgrid is now back on the function of the line, has attracted a large number of businesses to use, either online or offline are very optimistic about this function, there have been many businesses to participate in, and there are a large number of fans and customers to participate in the microgrid, businesses get a lot of money in a short return time is always increasing sales. A total net return now to participate in micro model businesses said that his company sales completed a quarter of sales in just a week, in the full back now before it is almost unthinkable, and Micronet micro network company has a long-term cooperative relations.


full return mode now sounds like

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