To explore the advantages and disadvantages of e commerce outsourcing


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world network pointed out that in recent years, more and more disputes about e-commerce outsourcing business, the amount involved is more and more high, the outbreak of the conflict, often tragedies, e-commerce outsourcing enterprises can bring more convenient and cheaper than business interests, such as outsourcing website construction, product sales. However, due to lack of credibility of small network company, do small talk, don’t try to take the money or simply do not do practical work, makes the enterprise into an embarrassing situation.

Due to the lack of experience in the field of e-commerce,

traditional enterprises have to invest a lot of energy and time, and may not get the desired results. Many companies sprouted the idea of e-commerce outsourcing, that is, some or all of the application of e-commerce outsourcing to a trusted partner, thereby improving efficiency and help companies reduce costs.

general e-commerce outsourcing there is website construction, hosting operations, marketing planning, industry research, website promotion, training and coaching, strategic consulting, these all need to do well, e-commerce outsourcing service providers, Internet companies with business integrity.

professional services, is a network company in a timely manner to meet all the needs of e-commerce that in the budget constraint range at the same time, enterprises can achieve the purpose of saving time, make more effort for the company’s core business. The biggest challenge for companies is how to find a trusted network company that offers a wide variety of e-commerce services to meet the needs of the enterprise network and applications. After all, honesty is the bane of e-commerce outsourcing.

most of the commercial disasters in twenty-first Century were related to e-commerce outsourcing. For example, a traditional enterprise in the cause of the peak period for the e-commerce outsourcing cooperation, A network company because of low price and favored companies, but in the acceptance process, enterprises found that A company is completely accepted the money does not work, even the outsourcing website FTP has not given, but due to the enterprise not familiar with the network outsourcing contract everywhere, and ultimately a sieve.

There are a lot of

and e-commerce outsourcing outsourcing corresponding to the disaster, such as the United States 8 years ago the largest aircraft maker Boeing decided to follow the car company, the outsourcing business is hard to do not make money out of 787 Dreamliner project. The outcome is a disaster: many parts can not be successfully assembled, some subcontractors mercenary, intends to reduce the quality and delay period, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is put into use, also let the Boeing project budget overdraft billions of dollars, three years later than originally planned.

can be seen from the above two cases, outsourcing, especially e-commerce outsourcing, the core issue is the integrity of contract firms. Small network companies can do anything for money, and when companies seek outsourcing cooperation, we must be cautious and careful.

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