The establishment of B2C C2C mall framework and ranking strategy

            with the increase in the number of people joining the webmaster group, want to do a website more difficult. Low advertisement fee is increasingly full of understanding higher chicken ribs, a few stationmaster began selling products through the website, has become more and more owners choose a profitable way. Some owners directly use their original high traffic sites put some sales information of the product sales, this way is simple, but it is not professional, more and more people choose to set up a separate network store product sales. The construction of the mall we need flexible planning to achieve maximum sales results.

      1. The three forms of the mall selling products

      the current mall sales of products mainly have three forms, one is their actual products, a lot of people through the wholesale market or network search around the wholesale, some products, and then through the mall sales.

      two is through the network sales, they had no real products, through the network to sell products to other forms of information released to their website, when buyers purchase, their orders to suppliers, supplier deliver goods to the buyer. The profit is the product of the difference.

      there is a pattern is currently in development initial stage, is the use of, and other large mall sales alliance, according to the sales commission provides CPA advertising, then more strong momentum of Taobao, Taobao very much off site overnight there is a very good description of this point. Directly linked to other people’s promotional links, resulting in sales will be directly Commission, more simple and quick than the previous two models.

      two, mall planning and architecture of
              more and more businesses in the network test, which requires us to consider positioning strategies more problems when building the mall. See a lot of the establishment of Taobao off the merchant, the column points, and Taobao basically no difference. I often talk to them, you can not do so, so many columns, why do I want to go to your site, I got on the Taobao directly. How to make an unnecessary move.

              I give them the method is to choose a more popular industry products, focus on the industry can do a good job. Search engine search to find this type of product, you can row to a better position, the basic success. Shopping guide

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