Lin Haoming the endless opportunities of Amoy and group purchase hidden

some time ago on the site to write an article of profit, Lin Haoming: talk about the new Adsense three profitable way, if you have to absorb the last article in the way you believe you have begun to profit. Want to be profitable in the site must pay attention to the dynamics of the Internet, such as the price of the domain name is adjusted, the national letter of the news on the IDC performance, the development of digital electronic products, etc.. These are a series of information that we should pay attention to, if you missed before, now began to pay attention not later, because the development of the Internet is changing rapidly.

Amoy owners gospel

most of the webmaster know the guest is more and more difficult, good words to master SEO to occupy the market, novice simply impossible to get! Novice webmaster do some long tail keywords high conversion rate, if Lin Haoming before the release of the novice webmaster can profit three Amoy road will know. Yesterday, Nintendo’s new product 3DS game sale! Only more than 1 thousand and 500 RMB, a lot of video enthusiasts can afford. And this game is similar to the design of NDSI, girls like. These two points is the location of business opportunities, first, the new product is not competitive, it is possible to grab a pen. Two, the old man is not interested in this market, so it is not so good to lose weight, so as a novice you certainly have the market, and the index is still rising.


buy more fire station

buy stand now more and more, half a month ago, customers have come to me to discuss the Zhongshan buy network. Was a popular word no index, half a month later found the query the index has soared to more than and 200, according to the trend line chart, this development space increases slowly. I did not get in touch with the past, but the word will have business opportunities exist. And I would like to inform the hope that the owners are concerned about the development of the local group, you will certainly find opportunities out.


, Amoy, group purchase seckill are worth pondering the direction of our development! Before I "Lin Haoming: not only the theory of marketing and marketing psychology marketing" this article has had extraordinary dialysis "greedy" mentality, cheaper than the market price can Amoy to buy things, to group purchase premium price (price). To buy their own products, but can at very low prices to seckill seckill the goods they want. So the 3 station in the short term will not die, unless the Internet profit method better to meet consumers’ greed.

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