The value of WeChat for e commerce

WeChat, a short span of two years, the number of users has exceeded 400 million, perhaps even the development of WeChat’s technical team did not think of it. WeChat, in its development process, is also facing a lot of criticism, for example "about gun weapon", "crime" and so on, but in fact, no matter what things need to see we are using One divides into two., well, it creates value may be incalculable.

for example, the value of WeChat for e-commerce, everyone may have different views. However, after a lot of people or some examples of the summary, WeChat’s value for e-commerce is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1, WeChat is the core of precision marketing electricity supplier

may be a lot of people for WeChat is that the core of precision marketing electricity supplier does not agree, think WeChat receptor widely, how may be able to achieve precision marketing? But we imagine that if we sell women’s clothing, then we have multiple bottles; and if we sell men’s clothing, we can play a shake etc.. We need to determine the different marketing strategies according to the audience, then it must be able to achieve precision marketing.

In addition,

can continue to pay attention to your users is absolutely loyal, there is room for future development and sales potential. It is of great value to improve the conversion rate.

2, WeChat to create a new model

O2OAs a new e-commerce model,

O2O may not be understood by many people. O2O, that is, Online To Offline, but also about the next line of business opportunities and the Internet together, so that the Internet has become the forefront of offline transactions.

WeChat official said, will join hands with WeChat, micro life to create O2O micro payment, the money paid through the new mobile payment model slowly into the user’s daily life payment scenarios. WeChat includes social, mobile, entertainment, business four functions for the payment to cultivate a good soil. And usually people can scan the goods, such as two-dimensional code through WeChat, with money to pay or even shake the function of payment, we do not have to worry about going out to forget the money.

3, WeChat to create mobile Internet of things

WeChat not only connect people, you can also connect to the Internet machine. Each machine has a two-dimensional code as a device ID, WeChat can be controlled by the device and the device dialogue. Therefore, the end of the era of things will come.

Internet links billions of people. But the Internet of things will link up a larger order of magnitude. Whether people or objects, there is a two-dimensional code as ID. People and things can be a dialogue, people can directly send instructions to the object. WeChat will link people and things. A cell phone in hand, link the world, manipulate the world. With this two-dimensional code, WeChat will become the world’s control of our remote control!

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