There are SONY 4K HDR TV with 6 18 quality Carnival belief energy value

comes in June, with the increase of temperature, the Jingdong 6· 18 quality Carnival prelude, is a fiery hot online shopping carnival. For those who had secretly intended to buy television, but also an opportunity to be missed. Then, ignite "hot flame buy buy buy", a belief value of how full value and energy of the SONY



to buy a TV, I think we will be very tangled. Not only to good reputation, but also a hard power; not only to technology, but also sell enough; it requires not only high, but also a fair price…… Numerous restrictions and fetters constraints, buy a TV program always delayed, finally hesitate, or perhaps to buy his right of that. Then, in the 6· 18 quality carnival is approaching, when the recharge of faith.


has always been a black science and technology service SONY, launched this year, 4K HDR TV series, with a new HDR technology, redefining the 4K quality experience. Among them, the aggregation of SONY’s top black technology in 2016 flagship TV X9300D, can be described as the first choice of recharge. With 4K HDR X9300D technology, with its unique dynamic backlight system – the elite version, make TV both thin body and local dazzle light control performance, not only beautiful, and makes the screen dark more rich details, the light is bright. The design of of Living minimalist "Slice, let X9300D wall and the wall distance is only about 36.7 mm, can be integrated into a variety of Home Furnishing style, from do not have to worry about the TV wall design.

At present,

, X9300D series 55 inch price 14999 yuan, 65 inch price 21999 yuan, now Jingdong, there are at least 1000 by 50 of the tickets will be requisitioned oh. Http://


Apart from the

Yan value and performance, to buy the TV there and size. At present, many TV manufacturers will be 55 inches and 65 inches in size and positioning for the gold, when consumers want the larger size of the TV, will find few options, there is a certain distance away from the general requirements, while SONY X8500D solves this problem. Covering 55, 65, 75 and four of the large size of the X8500D, and X9300D has the same 4K HDR technology, stunning quality. And equipped with Android 5 system, so that entertainment becomes more simple and diverse. It is worth mentioning that the SONY X8500D and the Jingdong special contributions U90 Oh, now is the Jingdong of promotion, is the price worth in the.

SONY U90 series mobile phone exclusive price enjoyed in the Jingdong, landing mobile phone orders, only 55 inch 65 inch 8399 yuan, only 13999 yuan. Ht>

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