For Taobao mall channel B2C mall is independent or return

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Road ( November 16th evening to get the message, Taobao mall may end with most business cooperation, and improve the Taobao mall stationed threshold: increase service costs and improve margins.

earlier this year (09 years) in September, as a fashion mall the largest China B2C network (M18.COM, global famous mail order catalog company’s B2C mccaughren shopping mall) quietly closed its establishment at Taobao mall shop, did not elaborate on the reasons.


event at the time of many people in the industry and customers can be used to describe the shock, although do not know the specific reasons, but for the high point and Taobao mall promotion expenses and sales is not proportional to the B2C mall has become a hot topic, Taobao mall in B2C on independence mall, also slowly become chicken ribs the third party channel".

sources inside the electricity supplier industry sources informed, comprehensive fashion Shenzhen’s largest investment class mall — responsible for network serves third party channel development team also recently left the network now serves third channels (including Taobao C shop, Taobao mall) development has basically been stagnant. With the network serves almost the same scale of investment Beijing chession Taobao mall operators poor Taobao mall evaluation index are lower than the pass line 4.

two a boss for comprehensive shopping mall: and Amazon because of its earlier than Taobao, the Taobao channel did not give too much attention, in the mall operator is regarded as competitors to see.


is one of Taobao mall operation situation of comprehensive B2C mall, for such a situation, is a comprehensive B2C independent store their goods in the growth process of positioning, customer service / logistics services, supply chain management and other aspects are not very good, Taobao mall, Taobao mall also has a high cost of deduction will lead to the original comprehensive B2C mall profit or negative to bear higher costs, as well as Taobao mall almost a year a change of policy and independent brands especially chain brand support has intensified ambassador B2C independent store in the Taobao store operations and the sale of goods have a greater impact.

vertical B2C independent VANCL mall is currently only a single large, through the shop operators to entrust the third party hosting company – China online business.

and the country’s leading automotive supplies vertical class B2C Mall – show car network for the recent changes in Taobao mall meeting to discuss whether to quit based on the following considerations:

is a Taobao mall now in order to deal with the QQ club competition, increase the single brand businesses especially giant chain brand support, these include free or low quality discount advertising, marketing and public relations, event marketing and television advertising, then pay for the same B2C independent store, apparently won support "not so

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