Micro shop pig CMS city high efficiency excellent experience of distribution


every Monday about again, today Xiaobian to bring you a special dry cargo, you do not look at the letter text.

pig CMS micro electricity supplier launched the city distribution function, suitable for flowers, fruits, gifts, cakes, fresh, retail and other city stores and multi store distribution. So the question is, CMS is how to achieve high efficiency, excellent experience in the distribution of



Please allow

Xiaobian to exemplify this one. For example, a mobile phone with a small shopping mall, looked at a fruit shop fruit is good, so the sou sou sou bought apples, grapefruit and sydney. So under the order, the small series is selected from the store to mention it or choose to deliver goods?


two distribution mode: to the store from mentioning VS door-to-door

look at the shop to see from mentioning:


fans (Xiao Bian) chose to mention the store, the system will list all the lines of this fruit store stores, and distance: XX Road shop, away from 2km, OO Road shop, away from 1.2km… Small series can be based on the information listed, choose the nearest shop. At this time, the order information has been automatically sent to the corresponding store. Small as long as the holding mobile phone, and bag, go to the store to pick up. Of course, with a small lazy cancer series, the choice of door-to-door.



look at home delivery:

when the small series after the completion of orders, orders began to assign door-to-door task. In the end which stores to send this time, there are two ways:


mode: manual distribution. Legend of the order manager, according to the distance from the store fans, as well as the inventory of the store to distribute orders. For example, the store did not Apple A, store B no grapefruit, and store C just what all have. Wild with joy order administrator, make a prompt decision: is your



mode two: automatic allocation. Automatic allocation of orders, that is, intelligent distribution system. The system will be based on the calculation of the distance from the store customers, as well as whether the store goods to order to the corresponding store.


distribution orders, the corresponding stores will order tasks assigned to the courier shop. Courier in the mobile phone on task orders. Orders after delivery staff through the product details (small bought several kilograms of apples, several kilograms of grapefruit, >

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