The cool days of Baidu e commerce site closed miss the point

cool days the site is closed, the reason is "The climate does not suit one. surface". But if you continue to get to the bottom, is to miss the point of electronic commerce Baidu. This is probably the last piece of negative news of cool days (micro-blog). Because it’s about to close. Japan Lotte Group announced, will be closed in April 27th with Baidu (micro-blog) joint venture B2C website cool days. This website will stop service at 0:00 on April 27th.

cool days CEO Jiang Yu Kao’s explanation is "temporary exit, close the site due to" too much in the China electricity supplier practitioners, the competition is very fierce; Baidu official responded by saying, now the two sides are negotiating the processing scheme.

Lotte Group was ready to unload the cool days of this heavy burden.

cool days was founded in 2010, set up a joint venture by Baidu and Japan’s largest online shopping company of Japan Lotte Group, the two sides to inject $50 million ways of cooperation, holding 49% and 51% respectively. It copied the B2B2C method in Japan Lotte, namely cool days only as a platform to provide services, in which the seller including brand manufacturers, including the individual retail business, mainly engaged in apparel stores online food appliances.

Although both sides of the

resources are called strong, but music cool days have been trouble. Clothing electrical food department store, sounds like an ambitious goal, but in fact it can not spread the difference between the subsequent competition. In China, the ruler of such a market is Taobao, followed by Tencent’s pat network.

another music cool day is plagued by continuous high-level personnel changes. The first is by Lotte Group internal Nakamura Akihito appointed as the person in charge, he told the media publicly that it will bring a number of senior management from Japan, then Baidu in the cool days of the person in charge of the project was transferred from the company; but Nakamura Akihito did not stay long in this seat, after his departure, the current CEO Kao Yu Jiang replace. In the meantime, the company layoffs and Baidu from the cool days of divestment rumors never stopped.

in music cool days, the domestic market and the Japanese business management style between the running problem has not been resolved. Even if Baidu holds the China Internet traffic alarming, only sigh nonetheless.

Robin Li had hoped by Baidu "have ah", Le cool days to establish e-commerce platform, a Baidu style, he had put forward the concept of e-commerce based on search engine for Baidu, which is the flow of another way of realization.

but the majority rely on keyword PPC revenue of the company, in its electronic commerce has also been miss the point. 2007, Baidu set up e-commerce division, the following year launched for individual sellers and individual consumers trading platform, ah, and threatened to beat Taobao in three years. But whether it is platform construction, payment channels or the rich level of goods, ah, has been slow progress >

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