Betsy Cheung Zhang Lijia Bi Jubilee nouveau riche image of private butler

Zhang Lijia’s pursuit, have international range of children’s "tall", but must be Chinese culture base.


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is also mixed fashion circle, but Zhang Lijia in front of the photographer’s lens is not so easy. She followed the photographer’s tips to change the posture of the body, could not help but laugh: "I saw the face of the lens on the stiff." Her hair is short and tall, and the phone features a hoarse voice and delicate form a great contrast.

behind Zhang Lijia against the wall hanger, covered with white gauze skirt mopping the floor. The other two rooms, is the higher the 2013 launch of the series and the men’s casual clothing.

Zhang Lijia 3 years ago to work advanced customization (referred to as "high") idea, the Spring Festival of 2013, Betsy Cheung Bi Jubilee haute club began trial operation in a delicate decoration two small villa. Haute couture is the highest level of fashion, from Paris, with a set of strict standards in europe. Each piece of clothing is unique, many are pure handmade, the price is not cheap.

has always been a high need to be just a group of people who are performing arts. But Zhang Lijia not love showbiz vanity, she will be more willing to locate customers Betsy Cheung for China Bi Jubilee elite, is also the business and cultural elite. She found that Chinese entrepreneurs after decades of growth, thought and ability has a little not inferior to western entrepreneurs, less is a personal image. "The internal and external image of Chinese entrepreneurs has formed a great contrast. We need such a brand to help them create a personal image, teach them to live a better life."

personal image housekeeper

2013, Betsy Cheung launched a bi Jubilee clothing series – "the Imperial Palace fan map". The overall style of the dress is very modern, but the mosaic part joined the distinctive Chinese elements. Designers to find a map of the Imperial Palace, in the topographic map and add a lot of Chinese elements in his eyes. The pattern is printed on silk. The stitching of the clothes, are printed with the the Imperial Palace topographic map of silk fabrics.

the designer went abroad in his teens, he had been studying and working abroad, and his impression of China was still in his youth. His design, obviously with the integration of Chinese and Western culture imprint.

this is Zhang Lijia’s pursuit of things, must have the international popular fan "tall", but must be Chinese culture base.

when she was building the team, the designer as the soul of the brand must be Chinese, but must be studied in foreign clothing design, must work in foreign clothing companies. Two designers are selected according to this standard. "I don’t believe that a pure foreigner can design clothes for the chinese." She said.


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