Talking about the problems and Countermeasures of trust in E commerce

Ma with which sentence if we do not do e-commerce after 5 years of business services, overnight Internet e-commerce has become the hot topic, people’s eyes are focused to the ensuing Internet e-commerce is a large amount of money to form a row of people into the bustling scene, but the issue we trust it should be standardized, the most important is the integrity of Electronic Commerce on the Internet is difficult to obtain the trust, trust, but easy to lose; the process of establishing online trust is step by step, the process is " and lose confidence; a kick and the ". As long as a major mistake, the accumulation of trust may be lost. The establishment of online trust is affected by many factors, such as the quality of the product, but the poor performance of the site, then it will not produce advanced online trust. Therefore, the establishment of online trust strategy should be multi-channel.

In order to understand the characteristics of online trust strategy, we must first understand the nature of

. Online trust is mainly based on the virtual space of the Internet, so it is more difficult to establish, and is affected by more factors than traditional trust. From the concept of online trust model can be seen, although the trust can be strengthened in money, but it may also be due to the driving factors and weaken or even disappear completely, such as poor quality, poor website content, complex and not intuitive navigation, technical defects, poor customer service, slow response time and order fulfillment errors and other unfavorable factors may make the trust weaken or even disappear completely.

online trust is affected by many factors, with the development of time and experience. From the development stage, the online trust can be divided into the initial stage of trust and trust in the mature stage. It is a huge challenge for the new business of e-commerce to establish the initial trust, especially for those who do not have a good Off-line. There is no initial trust, it is difficult to establish a good business transaction history, and there is no good trading history, consumers or purchasing companies will be difficult to establish the trust of these businesses. Therefore, the establishment of initial trust requires special strategies. Another. Even in the mature stage, the development process of trust should also further work plan. Because it is in the process of gradually establishing trust between buyers and sellers in the exchange value, so when consumers voluntarily submit personal information, online businesses should be ready to give the personalized service and richer experience. For businesses, know when to take some kind of trust establishment strategy and understand the strategy itself, strategies of establishing online trust in different stages should have different ideas, the establishment of online trust strategy should be divided into stages.

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