See through fifast commercial entities nternet plus a transformation

we can see from this year’s shuangshier business section, Taobao trading freeze, and led by the O2O, the line has become a new stage in consumer electronic commerce. On Christmas day, flying where the business alliance 200+ shopping center, covering more than and 100 City, set off a tide of consumption a great in strength and impetus under the line, to attract traffic is as high as 24 million, which shows the heat consumption of the line.

Chinese economy is from the foreign trade export-oriented domestic consumption oriented comprehensive transformation, in this process, undeniable e-commerce in stimulating domestic demand has played with a certain role, but the domestic consumer economy more or to rely on line to boost consumption, housing, etc. are idle away in seeking pleasure. To promote the Internet plus economic tide in the country, China traditional line of business also ushered in the best period of development history.

and the concept of consumption commercial line also began a kind of change, we eat a meal in the past, may be simply to eat a meal would be finished, but today people in to eat while watching a movie, shopping would think by night, fresh consumption form to experience a variety of line. That is to say, change with the line and the concept of consumption, consumption is a place under the line change, people will be more love to eat in the past single hotel today, they will be more willing to set catering, shopping and entertainment in one of the shopping center.

through the development of the situation in 2015 O2O, a large number of O2O entrepreneurs fell, more and more traditional business lines under the line out. That is to say in the China Internet plus economic tide in the future, with the business of mobile Internet and traditional offline will dominate the future of the new economy.

who fly to feeding line, pull the line

we all know, now the domestic shopping center has more than 3500, and every shopping center every day tens of thousands of passengers flow in, from the body, the shopping center with respect to the electricity supplier still has some advantages, but the increase in popularity "has always been an important goal of most of the shopping center. Who fly as a "Internet plus commercial entities" scene service operators, the value of the most attractive, that can enhance the line line under the platform of consumer experience, at the same time as the line entrance, and guide consumers to offline shopping center consumption, which to some extent solve the core demands of the shopping center.

now, there has been a growing number of shopping centers in fifast open platform, up to now there including Wuzhou international group’s commercial projects, BBK group’s commercial project, li’tian group project, Tang Hongxing commercial under Beijing Aegean Sea shopping park, Nanjing water Square Shopping Center, nearly 400 shopping center and Wanda Group, Wanda Plaza, and fly all reached a strategic cooperation open platform, provide a variety of online promotions and find shops, movies, queuing, parking and other services for different consumers. Fly where has become the country’s largest online shopping center O2O entrance, its business users

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