CNZZ data show B2C site in the most beautiful online shopping


online shopping control the number of them quickly climbed.

              e-commerce performance in the IT industry is still eye-catching and attracts capital flocking. The third party service provider CNZZ statistics data released yesterday showed that the total number of this year’s national B2C industry website reached 1.22 million, representing an increase of 14.68% over the same period last year, 5 months ago, the average daily number of industry peak appeared in March, reached 1401.

online shopping surge in the number of Internet users

data show that the number of Internet users visit the B2C industry website also has a certain growth, in the whole month of May, the total number of Internet users visited the website of B2C reached 316 million, compared to January increased by 2.64% compared with the same period last year growth of 40.34%. The number of Internet users visit B2C website for the month of May 74.17% of the total number of Internet users, the average daily access to the online retail website industry (hereinafter referred to as the number of visitors active industry the number of visitors) was 22 million 190 thousand, essentially flat with January, an increase of 5.58% in May 2010.

analysis indicates that the total number of B2C industry still maintained a rapid growth, shows that the market is widely concerned, entrepreneurs for the B2C industry more optimistic, have entered the market, creating many new sites. Particularly gratifying is that the number of Internet users in the B2C industry website continues to grow, penetration in the overall Internet users has maintained a high level.

however, the concern is that the average daily number of industry sites did not follow the site of the total growth, but declined, indicating that the industry is beginning to concentrate, the leading website is to attract more visitors, and more and more small and medium-sized websites in nobody cares state, these websites need to find new promotion model. Otherwise, the future development situation is worrying.

through the domestic browser into the

B2C analysis showed that the source of industry visitors into the shopping website through the browser, the highest proportion of domestic, the domestic browser generally built online shopping site, the convenient way to make users easily enter the shopping website directly. At the same time, the use of the browser directly into and register the proportion of visitors is also the highest.

search engine for online shopping site within the meaning of growth, through the search engine to enter the number of websites and users at the end of last year has increased, at present, many search engines have launched a shopping search, direct and convenient Internet search and enter the line in the commodity retail website. The survey shows that the SNS site is widely appreciated in helping online retail sites attract visitors has not reached the level of people’s expectations, how to make good use of the SNS website B2C

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