Meikailong business platform for the upcoming debut at the beta stage

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Meikailong business platform for the upcoming debut of

Beijing News (reporter Li Qilin) August 1st, e-commerce platform "Meikailong’s red beauty mall will open the" flash sale "beta plate.

reporter from the red beauty mall responsible person was informed of the online shopping mall in the beta stage. With the appearance of red beauty mall, Home Furnishing stores into the electricity supplier war has intensified.

red beauty mall has opened

reporter to enter the red beauty mall page found that the mall business is mainly divided into three systems: B2C platform, including online business to Home Furnishing building materials products mainly to the home furnishings and small Home Furnishing products based online flash purchase business and Home Furnishing products group purchase business, corresponding to the top of the page "mall", "panic buying", "group purchase" three entrance.


plate has been open in group purchase page, you can see the "2012 red beauty electricity installed guest group furniture" home "Youth Festival", as well as TATA doors, Nobel tiles brand special group purchase, consumers can login and register fill in the relevant information, then you can receive SMS invitation. Because of the "mall" plate has not yet opened on the sales category, which stores different brand products, product styles and prices and other issues with the line, still can make nothing of it.

red beauty mall relevant responsible person said, as one of the major initiatives of the strategic layout of the group, the red beauty mall will rely on Redstar group brand, providing building materials, furniture, decoration, decoration, Home Furnishing and other categories of goods to consumers, as well as the brand boutique, group purchase decoration information and case reference, panic buying, brand dynamics, design consulting shopping, exchange and other services.

According to

reports, "panic buying" plate in August 1st will be the official beta, then consumers can buy online. Convened by the red beauty mall online first group purchase activities will be landing in Beijing Meikailong Chaoyang Road Mall in August 11th. It is reported that the home of the hundred MALL, mall, client will also be on the line.

stores into the electricity supplier to accelerate

with the United States and the United States on the mall mall, home stores into the pace and depth of e-commerce is also deepening and accelerating.

in 2012, including Jimei Home Furnishing, outside the city, blue 612 and other stores in different ways to achieve the "electric shock". Jimei Sina "Home Furnishing" electronic mall cooperation, experience in the red line opened stores outside the city; start Tmall love bee tide landlord, to test the electricity supplier of water; EASYHOME executives have repeatedly said that in the future or will use existing mature website to the field development. Whether it is a collection of rent or sales commission, cooperation or self, the stores are looking for their own business line.

in Home Furnishing stores electricity supplier trend is strong, there are some people in the industry expressed concern. Trade Association

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