NetEase koala eleven times a year to increase the sales volume of double or before the first cross b


dual eleven electricity supplier war imminent, the end of October the major platform began previews, such as Tmall International Pavilion Day promotion, NetEase koala sea purchase in advance on-line "global Carnival", and strive to gain the outbreak before the big promotion.

from the cross-border electricity supplier overall development, "the bright younger generation" koala NetEase sea purchase just after the preview of the core category sales soared, compared to six months ago, the October sales growth of 20 times the speed, large increase is the industry first. Insiders said that the NetEase in the first half of this year to purchase the koala sea in warehousing, logistics, commodity number’s strength has been greatly enhanced, market sales is gone all the way, double eleven before sales has surpassed Tmall international and Jingdong global purchase on cross-border electricity supplier first throne.


industry insiders pointed out that in the warehouse, although Tmall international bonded warehouse located in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Chongqing City, but Hangzhou Xiasha bonded warehouse has as its core, bear the freight volume of international super 50% Tmall. Recently, the media quoted the third party logistics information display platform, as a NetEase before ten, the koala sea purchase in Hangzhou Xiasha bonded area of a single volume has exceeded Tmall international ranked first. Hangzhou Xiasha cross trade park insiders also revealed NetEase koala sea purchase sunrise single volume has even more than half of the local. In addition to Hangzhou, the NetEase in Ningbo, the koala sea purchase Zhengzhou, bonded warehousing strength can not be underestimated. Thus, NetEase koala sales or even close to the sea to catch up with Tmall international.

as the second millennium Jingdong in April launched a global purchase, in the development of cross-border electricity supplier on the road not only later than its biggest competitor, Tmall, is also behind the koala sea purchase NetEase. Although its official said that since April, Jingdong global purchase of GMV growth of 705%, SKU data grew by 1405%, but the number is hidden behind the number of goods, warehousing, logistics and other short board. More importantly, until the end of October, Jingdong APP formally access Jingdong global purchase, and the habit of holding the thigh above Tencent Jingdong 50% flow from the mobile terminal. In the first half of the time, only Jingdong global purchase on-line web client, failed to make full use of the mobile terminal traffic, compared with Tmall international and NetEase koala sea purchase in sales can be described as "defeat".

in the tide of economic reform and transformation, the sea Amoy economy has been listed as the focus of the country to encourage the development of the object, cross-border electricity supplier industry is also entering the red sea. Compared to many cross-border electronic business platform, NetEase koala sea purchase early in January to seize the official beta, more than half of the time, its construction in all aspects of the supply chain, logistics, customer service and so on are beyond expectations, plus a full self mode advantage, 20 times the growth rate achieved is also reasonable. On the contrary, whether it is the earliest development of the global business of Tmall international or late start of the global Jingdong purchase, both the speed of development and are not expected to reach the outside world.

is known to all, Tmall international, Jingdong, NetEase and the world’s purchase of the purchase of the sea represents three

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