The cross border electricity supplier giant to another way

domestic cross-border electricity supplier is under the policy tuyere, a wind has only taken off the pig". Is the market on the edge of the cross-border electricity supplier prematurely into a "Red Sea", how to insight into consumer demand for products from overseas, and into China for the first time, perhaps they need to practice the lessons of cross-border electricity supplier.


"the so-called O2O, is the traditional economy to imagine that one day, I can fly to the sky." Whether Ma On Wanda O2O under the strategy of attributive is accurate, the domestic electricity supplier has been settled, even under this line of Wanda king want a challenge, I am afraid to pay the price change.

however, policy heaters frequently, by "cross-border sea Amoy glory positive, due to geographical restrictions policy pilot, white list gradually open, as well as overseas direct mining supply chain complexity, even if Tmall international, Jingdong and other giants have entered the global purchase, leave the other way out there are a lot of game player a.

cross-border electricity supplier, there is a big opportunity outside the giant

from the sea Amoy family to cross-border electricity evolution is actually the domestic electricity supplier from C2C to B2C. However, the domestic C2C to B2C is the trend of the market as a whole, while the domestic cross-border electricity supplier is under the policy tuyere, a wind has only taken off the pig".

heard of universal Youpin? The Henan cross-border electricity supplier in Zhengzhou even than the February 19, 2014 launch of Tmall international morning line for a month. Why only in 2013, Zhengzhou and Ningbo, Shanghai, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and other places have been included in the cross-border trade e-commerce services pilot cities. Zhengzhou on the same year there is a line called the world of goods cross-border electricity supplier. As long as a little search is not difficult to find, in each of the cross-border electricity supplier pilot cities, in 2014 there are a number of backed by the bonded area of cross-border electricity supplier.

First come, first served., as long as the cross-border electricity supplier not fully liberalized, occupy the location, and the small game player will have living space. For example, can be used to cross-border electricity supplier warehouse is a scarce resource, one step ahead will occupy the first mover advantage. The rookie network in the most Alibaba warehouse distribution area of cross-border resources, the largest area.

Tmall, Amazon, Jingdong,, shop No. one has opened up cross-border electricity supplier, the second battlefield is not surprising. Even in the absence of the domestic electricity supplier NetEase, but also hope to get a slice of the cross-border electricity supplier.

single point breakthrough to deus ex

during the first quarter of the economic forum, Ding Lei had played for the prime minister, Li Keqiang, small report: Customs on Sunday do not provide services, which is not in line with the law of the Internet twenty-four hours of operation." At this point, NetEase koala sea purchase business has been on the line for three months.

NetEase to test the waters of cross-border electricity supplier, in addition to Hangzhou >

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