Car fruit network million acquisition of two cheguo system domain name


at the end of September, the real estate network CEO, domain name teahouse promoters had acquired a six step to put the price of Larry domain Recently, the car if the net twists and turns finally from the hands of Dai Yue buy a domain name. The person in charge of the fruit network, said the new domain name will soon be enabled to replace the original combination of domain name

the success of the domain name and, the total transaction size of these two domains is said to be up to seven digits. Or that sentence, in the establishment of the time, the terminal for the love degree of Larry.Com domain is much higher than other types of domain name.

automotive financial services platform, the fruit of the official website of the Internet domain name big upgrade behavior, not only to enhance the brand identification, but also more conducive to brand promotion, save a large amount of advertising costs. For users, the use of domain name, but also greatly reduces the difficulty of memory and input.


domain name protection for enterprise is a commonplace talk of an old scholar. Timely protection and corporate brands corresponding to the mainstream suffix domain name, this approach is worth advocating when. Once the mainstream brand domain was ahead of competitors to buy even malicious enabled, enterprises have to deal with the consequences will be unbearable to contemplate.

love net public official micro signal love circle (amqcom), first hand the domain name industry information.

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