Wang Guanxiong 220 billion mystery who leaked Tencent stake Jingdong

March 10th news a pre publicity of the merger finally announced.

today, Tencent holding on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange announcement that a cash payment of $214 million to the Jingdong, the Jingdong acquired 351678637 common shares, accounting for the Jingdong prior to the listing of the outstanding ordinary shares of 15%, while the Tencent has the right to continue to subscribe for 5% shares in the Jingdong listed. At the same time, Tencent will QQ online shopping, pat the electricity supplier and the logistics sector into Jingdong, Yi Xun continue to operate independently of the brand, Jingdong will hold a minority stake in fast and easy, while holding its exclusive right to subscribe for the future.

notes, Tencent market capitalization of $140 billion, the world’s third largest Internet Co, Jingdong IPO prospectus on the valuation of only $10 billion, China’s second electricity supplier. Such a volume, it is the pattern of the whole industry is a super M & a events.

but the news came, the industry was not surprised, because the message has been leaked. The proportion of shares, the amount of electricity, the integration of assets and other core terms of perfectness. To say that the media themselves blind guess, who believe

so important news early accurate "leaks" directly affect the Tencent stock transaction. Search, can see the rumors in February 3rd, the Tencent’s share price of HK $510.5; today after the announcement of price of HK $628.5, with a total capital of 1 billion 864 million, full market capitalization jumped nearly HK $220 billion! Major favorable overdraft in advance, as the interests of ordinary investors, in fact, have been hurt.

who may be behind the scenes manipulator to analyze some vested interest?.

1 Tencent Inc. After this exposure Tencent has not rumor, the industry generally understood as the default, the so-called "no rumor rumors". Strangely, just two days before the weekend, Tencent also PR rumor circulated online Tencent Jingdong will close the celebration, said it was an old photo.

2 Jingdong. This year’s new year’s Eve in January 30th, Jingdong formally submitted a listing application to the U.S. Securities and exchange commission. As we all know, after submitting the IPO application is in a silent period, shall not be allowed to spread any information that may affect investors. Is a Jingdong or waizhao, the campaign for the listed high valuation of


3 intermediaries. According to reports, the Tencent strategic capital Jingdong, by Barclays Bank as FA (financial advisor), while the BOE also seems to have Huaxing capital participation. In both veteran organizations, do is reliable. But the matter leaked early, what benefits do they have?

4 to do the power of Tencent. There is also a possibility, is to do more investment in the external operations of Tencent, in order to profit from the stock price fluctuations. A month before the Spring Festival, it broke the "WeChat bank card payment bound volume exceeded more than 100 million Alipay wallet" message, the Tencent shares soared, and afterwards also proved to be a false news.

5 Tencent or Jingdong competitors. Tencent’s rivals are too numerous

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