Consumers Association Double 11 over 30% of the price of some of the goods under the supervision of

December 9th news, the Consumers Association announced the double 11 part of the online shopping commodity price tracking report. The report shows that more than 30% of the goods under the supervision of a discount of water, or the price after the discount, or double the price is not up after the fall of 11, as well as some of the goods involved in false discounts.

Consumers Association: Double 11 over 30% of the goods under the supervision of the price of water there are some false discount

according to reports, the survey involved a total of 12 appliance business platform, 12 categories, most survey selected the "double 11 day marked discount is relatively large (below 50 percent off), online sales of more marked 94 items. The survey was based on the "11" price and discount on the same day, and tracked commodity prices for November 18th and December 5th at two time points.

the November 18th price survey results show that 73 models in the sale of goods in the same paragraph, paragraph 23 of the price remained unchanged, in the "double 11" promotion at the same level; 45 prices; 5 in the "double 11" one week after falling instead of rising prices, the price lower than the price of "double 11". December 5th price survey results show that the 73 models in the sale of goods, compared to the double 11 price, a total of 18 prices remain unchanged, the price of the 48 models have varying degrees of rise, the price of the 7 decline.

results from the three price survey can be seen, the 94 commodities, a total of 32 models can not be higher than the double price of the purchase of 11. In the survey, a total of 20 commodities declared "sold out" or "off the shelf" that the price is not clear and query.

survey found that some of the goods suspected of false discount. In a number of electronic business platform, whether it is proprietary or non proprietary goods, there is a commodity counter price or manufacturers recommended price as the benchmark price for a substantial discount behavior. However, these counter price, the proposed price (the original price) there is a random labeling, suspected false discount. If a women’s price tag is $528, the Internet is the nominal price 1199 yuan, after the discount price of 89 yuan, discount price even lower than 90 percent off.

Association report also pointed out that some of the electricity supplier platform with "clearing price," flash sale "," There was no parallel in history. only this day, "and other forms of propaganda to mislead the consumer price. (Ming Yu)

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