Shero buy industry consolidation is not a change in soup

should be quite familiar with the group purchase in 2011 80 to 90, now is the group purchase, favorable play a new concept of fashion, to buy cost-effective products at a low price, the core advantage is reflected in the commodity price concessions. It is said that consumers can generally get from 5% to 40% of the discount rate. And consumers can not get benefits only merchants buy network know.

buy an endless stream of consumers can really benefit it?

actually buy is not a new business, but it is indeed very hot recently, Baidu search inside buy key only natural search to buy site as follows


a long time ago, there has been a "group purchase bubble theory" but said, but until now the real bubble of the group purchase should be numbered, and new group purchase such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, although the Ministry of Commerce has made a series of adjustment specification for group purchase website, group purchase website bring consumer complaints but haven’t been able to get to solve, some people even to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau to.

it is understood that Mr. Fu with the price of 158 yuan in the public comment online group purchase the original price of 473 yuan Keller the Mediterranean Restaurant dishes. When he went to the restaurant to buy coupons, I think businesses have discrimination to buy the consumer suspected, less than the normal amount of food consumption. "I see a table beside the original point of the comprehensive I baked carbon group purchase not only the amount of food than assorted cold dishes, I even more than my big plate." He told reporters that the purchase price of vegetables than comprehensive grilled assorted cold dishes more than doubled the group purchase, the next is a couple, my side is a dish, they are not finished, we ate six or seven plates have not yet satiety." Is this the end of the group.

buy industry unspoken rules inside

one, buy between the site and the unspoken rules

general business will face to face contact and group purchase website to sign the contract, but it is important to bring the product to the inspection, but the time of leaving this product will have to stay.

buy site price real goods is not true

why do you say, please look at the following


to see the above picture will generally be considered a large package, at least have to have 80g well, look at the following




in fact, this is the real thing and the chicken group purchase, only 26G are generally in accordance with the number of pounds of scale, if not carefully look at it no one would have thought back the chicken group purchase is like that, I’m afraid most of the buyers are spurting. But buy online is not allowed

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