Jia Sijun about the era of e commerce website profit idea

Anhui Internet Alliance (ahunion.org) hosted by the master of the lectures unknowingly to the fourteenth phase. The lecture was involved in many webmaster high praise also let more webmaster to actively join the lecture group, this guest lecture is the team inside the old friend, comrade Jia Sijun has more than six years of relevant experience of website operation, the company provides network marketing consultancy services is the electronic commerce application home, had traveled nearly 30 domestic large and medium-sized city, entrepreneurship. At present, member of China computer society, e-commerce association. Personal blog: jiasijun network marketing consultant (jiasijun.com). By the industry’s attention. As a result of the relocation of the company is so busy Jia Jia many things, this is not much to say, but still very incisive, we read and understand, and I hope to bring you help. As the main group has been full of new to the webmaster can add live group: 47744157 for a special lecture we will always T never speak webmaster let more want to learn the webmaster come in.

this text live record: http://s.www.53w.net/space.php? Uid=1& do=blog& id=11468

Jia Sijun: (opening) actually remember very early. Should be in November last year, the old K told me that I want to discuss some of the exchanges with you, but has not been able to arrange his time is my schedule conflict. Apologize to old K first. I hope you enlighten. Two days ago, once again received the invitation of the old K, asked me what topic. In fact, this has always been the case for the first time. Inadequate preparation. Then I would like to say with the old K to share my personal experience to learn to learn e-commerce era of money thinking. In fact, in the crowd and I looked at the money through the network in my superiors not dozens of. Always feel like too display slight skill before an expert. We all know the Internet is a new business, e-commerce is a big round cake, and began to be ordinary people found a big cake. There are a lot of people often in MSIL, MSN, QQ, Gtalk asked me what to do to make money, earn more money, in fact, I feel ashamed, I do not know how to operate to make more money. But I can say for sure that these friends have taken the first step in making more money. Because they are looking for ways to make more money, have a lot of friends did not earn money, what is the reason? When it comes to this topic, I am ashamed, running all over the country wandering in more than and 30 large and medium-sized city, what has no savings, not earn money. But here chatter. It is also hoped that more exchanges with you at the end, I hope you generous with your criticism.

Jia Sijun: (formal papers) often listen to Guo Jijun, brother of graph king they chat revealed a lot of people we are facing an awkward. That is, many people say that these people make a lot of money, earn money but not

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