The domain name Baidu net reserve price is too high to scare buyers

      this afternoon, in China’s first domain name value forum, domain name for the first time public auction, but because of its set reserve price, the final domain name auction did not reach a deal.

      before the auction, the auctioneer said, "the seller has set a reserve price, and for the reservation price of confidentiality, the bidder if not up to the price, will not be able to clinch a deal." Perhaps this is the reserve price scare buyers, the auction began after a long time after 10 thousand bids no one bid, second buyers bid after 20 thousand, although the auctioneer repeatedly encouraged to bid or No one shows any interest in. Finally, the domain name has not been sold, the auctioneer said: 20 thousand, from the reservation price is still far away!"

      the domain name owner Guo Chun Ying, after he said, in order to avoid future disputes, he plans to the company legal person and the domain name to sell packaged together, the original business will be transferred to another company. the domain name registered by Guo Chunying in 2000, "Shanghai Baidu decoration materials company and Baidu Inc for domain name, domain name ( of the same prefix, so it has a higher value of the domain name. Guo Chunying said that Baidu had representatives to negotiate with him to buy matters, but because of price reasons not to talk about.

      for today’s auction results, I am afraid that the spring to be disappointed.

      however, today’s auction, it was also quite harvest. this domain name to 250 thousand of the price was a self proclaimed as capital investment, the income of the people in the bag. He told reporters: this domain must have growth value." In his words, he is proud of the domain. When asked whether the future will be sold to the famous domain name of the travel website mango network, the source said, depending on the situation."

      Zun M net master Wang Quanfeng said, "the domain name from 100 thousand to 250 thousand is too low, it is cost-effective to harvest this domain!"

      in addition, and these three packaged domain names sold the highest price, a young man to 300 thousand of their harvest. (commissioning editor admin01)

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