Forced by the formation of a new model of network piracy

from the first day of the Internet, is a copyright dispute rivers and lakes. From the time the portal between the prosecution, to frequent today video website challenge to network literature, music, like this.

April 26th, the tenth global intellectual property day, the desire for creativity and copyright anxiety is still intertwined.

copyright problems lead to the potential of China’s cultural and creative industries is far from being explored, and the need to address the issue of copyright protection, the state, the enterprises themselves." National Copyright Administration copyright management division inspector Xu Chao said the day after an interview with reporters.

Xu Xu seems that the emergence of the network does have a positive impact on cultural and creative industries. Network interaction brings a large number of UGC (user generated content), grassroots culture, inspired a lot of creativity, and the network transmission speed, mass data storage is the traditional publishing mode is incomparable. However, the advent of the Internet era has brought new problems to copyright protection. First of all, the network copyright investment return mode and not the same as the original; secondly, in the traditional environment, the tort liability of party is better defined, usually pirated content producers. While under the Internet environment, may extend to each person, such as BT in the download and upload.

"in the legislation, education needs to give support to the national government level, and found that the new trading model and so on need to do business." Xu Chao said that in the face of the new Internet, digital technology, companies should take the initiative to find new trading patterns.

chief officer Zhou Hongli grand literary copyright also believes that from the beginning of the last century in 80s, initially are pirated pirated books, and later music tape, then the disc, the main focus is now on the network, "facing the new environment, enterprises need to first seek to adapt to the Internet business model".

vice president of Sohu entertainment media Deng ye also agree with this view. She said that the development of new technology is ultimately benefit consumers, so enterprises in solving the problem of piracy can not put the blame on Internet technology or users, but to find the reasons from their own, if they do not find a really determined these objective reasons".

Deng Ye also believes that at present a number of enterprises have begun to explore the legitimate business model, but because the legislation did not keep up with the definition of network infringement problem is not clear, the punishment is not enough.

this has led to the development of creative industries such as literature, music, film and television. Taking the film industry as an example. The American Film Institute chief representative Chinese president, Feng Wei said that under the ideal condition, the box office in the film industry in the proportion of all income should be a small proportion of DVD, because there are a large number of Post issued derivatives, network copyright income, "last year, the American film industry box office revenue accounted for about 20% of total revenue, while China in 90% above".

due to the existence of piracy, in addition to the theater box office, China’s film industry is very limited opportunity to profit from other channels. Feng Wei

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