Sea Amoy family troubles the backlog of claims long frequent switch

at the beginning of September, a ban on New Zealand Department of primary industries and New Zealand customs to combat illegal purchasing by infant formula, many mothers to the "British" beauty Amoy Amoy, directly in the Amazon, Boots and other foreign shopping site to buy baby milk powder.

the sudden wave of some third party transport company was already too busy to attend to all, takes quite a long time scouring the sea, even longer, while the backlog of goods, package lost and other issues so many sea Amoy family worried.

sea Amoy family trouble

backlog, frequent incidents of

substitution Oolong

all more than and 20 days before storage, milk powder to the full moon in China." A "summer" of users complained that he at the beginning of the month in the UK shopping site Boots bought 4 boxes of milk byre commissioned, transfer a China Sea Amoy transport company, but more than and 20 days later, the site has yet to be goods in the warehouse. He is very helpless on the IT Times reporter, said, there are 2 boxes of milk to colleagues, to find the customer service is not back, the problem has not been solved until now, have long been calm."

in general, "there are two kinds of sea Amoy family can choose the way: direct mail or by third party transport company. But provide direct mail overseas website China is not much, so most of the sea Amoy family in order, fill in the delivery address is third party transport company, from the collection of goods, packaging and re shipped back home. But since September this year, the frequency of the third party transshipment company seems to rise sharply.

a "Wah Wah rights QQ group, there are hundreds of thousands of consumers said they encountered similar problems such as the backlog of goods.

another consumer is met the wrong parcel incident, "the daughters of fast food, I bought milk powder to UNITA results with others. The later is mixed package said UNITA made a mistake." Known as the "great" mother told reporters, "said they will contact the wrong user at home, transposing the parcel, but until now has not landed."

another mother encountered things even more outrageous, I bought a single in the world, went to the user name of the others down. I just saw me in the global purchase Huameng orders, the re login, find the order went to someone else’s username."

claims almost inaccessible

is waiting for 2 months and 10 days, Guoguo mom finally got 4 cans of milk refund. August 20th, when filled with joy, she received a phone call from the post office, let her go to the post office to get back from the British Sea milk powder, she did not expect, a box of 6 cans of milk powder can be "tank" (milk powder box damaged, milk spilled). Fortunately, when the post office to the home, no one in my family, the post office will pull back to the International Express Business Bureau, I go to get the goods, is the people in the post office to open the inspection, to get a proof of the post office, fruit >

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