Suning set up the Silicon Valley research and development team next year up to 50 people

Suning chairman Zhang Jindong announced the establishment of the Silicon Valley Academy of science and technology

Zhang Jindong, chairman of the board of directors of the

and the Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco, consul general Yuan Nansheng and the local officials of Silicon Valley, started the Research Institute of Silicon Valley,

Tencent technology Wang Zhongwan November 20th Silicon Valley report

Suning today officially announced the establishment of the Silicon Valley in the United States R & D center and Silicon Valley Research Institute, the center as a stronghold, as the company’s first starting point in the transformation of the Internet retail. Chairman Zhang Jindong said that the first step in Silicon Valley, Suning just enter the United States in addition to the Silicon Valley, will continue in New York, Seattle Research Institute was founded, and to study the intelligence, big data, cloud computing, Internet banking and other purpose.

Suning Silicon Valley Research Institute will focus on the integration of online and offline O2O mode, cutting-edge technology research focused on intelligent search, big data and high performance computing and other fields, is expected to 2014, the R & D team will reach about 50 people. Sun Weimin, vice chairman, said that 9 of them will be based on the local recruitment of talent, the remaining 10% will be sent to China model, in exchange for the practice of the project to learn Silicon Valley. In the future, Suning also plans to set up in New York, Seattle and other places to undertake different functions of R & D institutions. This will have to run Suning Beijing, Nanjing R & D center together to jointly promote the transformation of Suning Internet and cloud business model to accelerate landing.

Suning proposed this year, online and offline integration of O2O mode, coupled with an open platform, hoping to successfully transform the Internet retail industry. Silicon Valley Research Institute is also the first overseas research institute established in overseas, the initial investment of $5 million, and hope in the next three years will be expanded to 200 people. The research center will include cutting-edge research projects, business cooperation, mergers and acquisitions and investment.

Wang Jingxi, director of the Institute of Suning Silicon Valley, detailed introduction of intelligent search and precision marketing, big data, high-performance computing, Internet banking and other key areas of research. The research results will include the implementation of intelligent, multiple sources of massive data retrieval, semantic and theme environment analysis model; the field of big data analysis tools for customer behavior analysis, marketing effect prediction, enterprise operation risk and so on; Su Ningyun computing and distributed technology upgrades, the realization of "resource dynamic plug-in extensions, as well as the standardization of business component development, testing, deployment, automatic extension of the automation framework and so on.

vice chairman Sun Weimin further explained that the online store may meet customer and talk, but do not understand the actual idea of the online shop needs; on the contrary, the browsing time and variety of goods, can summarize customer preferences, but can’t see with customers face-to-face. Therefore, the purpose of the establishment of the Silicon Valley Research Institute, Suning is hoping to find their own unique model, and with the electricity supplier technology companies such as IBM, SAP and other cooperation, the establishment of a joint laboratory. Finally, I hope to enlarge the advantages of the integration of Suning line

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