Electricity supplier price war spread to Suning Gome store Jingdong responded questioned

yesterday, Suning, Gome are said to be in a different form of online and offline product price. Electricity supplier price war spread from online to offline.

fire to burn down the line is a good thing,

earlier, Suning Appliance (micro-blog) of computer communication products, the implementation of online and offline price, the price is not included into the scope of traditional home appliances online and offline.

yesterday, Suning Appliance announced, in addition to computer and communication products, Beijing area of the traditional home appliance selling brand models also will implement the line under the same price.

, the flames have been burned from the line to the next line." Suning Beijing Market Department official said, this is a good thing."

as to whether the price war has an impact on suppliers, Suning Appliance Beijing Market Department official said, pricing or in the hands of suppliers. Suning to make online and offline price moves are not temporary, in a month ago and communicated with the supplier, both sides bear the sales rebate together.

According to

, Suning Appliance to provide the data, as of 15 18:00, suning.com site number of visitors has increased nearly 10 times over the same period last year, an increase of 12 times the amount of page views, and the overall sales volume grew 10 times.

, however, sales increased by 10 times the record failed to prevent Suning Appliance shares fell.

in the holdings of major shareholders, Suning shares a strong meteoric rise. Yesterday began to decline, down 4.48% to close at $6.18.

relative, Gome (micro-blog) shares rose 2.985% to close at HK $0.69.

Gome: accept price report

Beijing, general manager of the United States, Liu Yonggang told the Beijing News reporter said that the use of online parity, shop orders". All products will be involved with the Jingdong’s war, the country will achieve the same price, online and offline.

United States also said that the price to accept the report, once the store price is higher than the Jingdong mall is true, will reward 1000 yuan.

– of war

is a Jingdong that is refers to the frequency of stock replenishment

Jingdong said that the future price will become the norm; dangdang.com follow up price war

Beijing News (reporter Liu Xia) in the thunder little rain, the sound of questioning, the electricity supplier price war into the second day. Yesterday, according to "delivery delay, shortage of frequent" netizens questioned, Jingdong to reply to the reporter said, since August 15th sales unpopular, some Jingdong all electrical goods out of stock, is currently in full replenishment.

Jingdong response questioned

Since the

"price war", many consumers on the Internet reflects the same few products on Jingdong and suning.com, no parity. Slow delivery, short

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