Suning new COO positions in the original logistics project leader

[Abstract] in order to promote the category division of professional operation, Su ningyun business unit division into small and only.



technology news (Sun Hongchao) January 14th news earlier today, there is news that due to the decline in performance of Su ningyun and President Jin Ming will no longer serve as president of the company. Then the Tencent technology to Su ningyun confirmation, Su ningyun said Jin Ming still served as president of the company, previously the logistics project company general manager Hou Enlong will serve as a new set of COO positions.

two days ago, Suning chairman Zhang Jindong in the spring of 2015, the deployment of the meeting announced the establishment of Suning logistics group and Suning financial group, the ability to accelerate business segment of the two industrial development, independent operation, comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of the industry. In addition to the deployment of the meeting, Zhang Jindong throws a minimalist management concept, Su ningyun Hou Enlong appointed as chief operating officer (COO), responsible for marketing management headquarters and each category department daily management work, and overall operational headquarters and headquarters management bursts. Su ningyun group president Jin Ming believes that this is open collaborative operations from the top-level architecture, an important decision to facilitate the decision-making efficiency.

according to reports, Hou Enlong had worked in Chongqing district and Beijing District served as general manager for 13 years, especially in Beijing district work, so that he had the most online competition with rival pedestria vs. experience, have the most intuitive feelings of deep Internet retail and O2O mode. In 2014, he was sent back to headquarters as general manager of logistics company.

at the same time, in order to promote the category division of professional operation, the deployment of the meeting will be announced in Jindong business unit division into small and specialized, promoting small team operations, project organization mechanism.

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