Southern China e commerce research center was established to solve the problem of talent in the Pear

in October 19th, Nanhai campus of Guangdong Industry Technical College, sponsored by Guangdong Industry Technical College, Shenzhen City, Southern China regional joint Agel Ecommerce Ltd wolf, E-Commerce Association, network organization, network operators and famous experts and scholars as a cooperative unit and expert group jointly set up the Southern China electronic commerce research center.

Southern China E-Commerce Research Center (hereinafter referred to as the center) was set up to solve the current employment of college graduates in e-commerce and business needs of e-commerce personnel of the asymmetry. Lin Runhui, vice president of Guangdong Industry Technical College, said that the establishment of the center, is a bold attempt to reform the teaching of school enterprise cooperation, professional e-commerce have very strong professional characteristics, practicality is very strong; Guangdong Institute of light industry has always attached great importance to the teaching of change, emphasis on talent education application.


(vice president CEO Zhu Jiabao and the wolf Electronic Commerce jointly inaugurated the Lin Runhui Institute of light industry)

The establishment of the general assembly by the management department of

Center hosted Party branch secretary Xie Caiying, vice president of Guangdong Industry Technical College, the South China Sea linrun will do Lu Yingjie director of the office of Huang Liu deputy director, management department director Li attended the inauguration ceremony, the center invited director of management department director Li Xianwei center, Shenzhen city Agel Ecommerce Ltd CEO Zhu Jiabao wolf and light Institute of Electronic Commerce Director Fang Guiren, deputy director, Institute of light industry and electronic commerce by Wolf jointly conducted the corresponding input, integration of multiple resources, in the light of the South Campus offices, and training center, employ deep Guanhui network operators association president Huang Anfu, Shenzhen business association president Lai Bin, chairman of the Dongguan chamber of commerce network president Zhang Honghua, Huizhou chamber of Commerce, Liu Qiuzhen Southern China City Network Cooperation Department Manager Ye Qun, Royal Chemical General Manager He Wei, Dongguan Lu Youxiao, vice president of the chamber of Commerce and so on. Based on the actual link of the electronic commerce teaching into practice, and increase the content of the enterprise, improve the practical ability of graduates, after pre employment graduates, will have very strong combat ability.


(school leaders and members of the panel photo)

in fact, before the establishment of the center in electronic commerce, the wolf team has carried out cooperation and light Institute, Institute of light industry to grade 08 students majoring in electronic commerce design training course, hired wolf e-commerce experts actual teaching, during the summer vacation and sent a number of outstanding students to enter the enterprise integrated marketing. It is reported that there are already a number of companies found 08 college graduates of the light of the difference, and sent a letter of invitation.


center in addition to actively cultivate talents, through the development and application of scientific research project of a series of practical training, a number of e-commerce professional talents for the enterprise, will be through the school enterprise exchanges, the latest research results in a timely manner into commercial applications, and relying on the research center of research and power facilities, in the electronic commerce exchange and new textbooks provided.

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