Jingdong for recruiting business tycoon reached P2P

every reporter Zhu Dandan from Beijing

after the bank, listed companies, state-owned assets, business tycoon is also accelerating reached the P2P industry.

the "daily economic news" reporter recently learned that the Jingdong’s financial group raised P2P Related Jobs Recruitment Information in the recruitment website.

last year, Jingdong said it was going to do this thing in P2P, now in the recruitment, the establishment of P2P is also very natural, however, is still in the process of building a team, the specific business model is not understood." A source close to Jingdong confirmed to reporters.

at present, a number of banks, listed companies have been involved in the establishment of the P2P platform, but the electricity supplier giant has yet to make substantial progress, and more to take and P2P cooperation model.

China E-Commerce Research Center Internet banking assistant analyst Qian Haili believes that due to uncertain P2P negative news frequently and monitoring scheme, and relates to a series of problems of their own electricity supplier complaints, so the electricity supplier did not dare to act rashly. However, Jingdong do P2P may lead to a chain effect, electricity supplier giant P2P or become a trend.

Jingdong financial P2P

recently, the electricity supplier giant Jingdong in some well-known recruitment website released a lot of information on P2P recruitment, the recruitment unit is Jingdong financial group, which is one of the four carriages group Jingdong, the main business involves five aspects, namely supply chain finance, consumer finance, payment services, business and the public to raise business platform.

according to the recruitment website information shows that the post of recruitment almost covers all aspects of the operation of the P2P platform. If you really enter the field of P2P net loan, is to fill the last piece of the Internet banking Jingdong short board." Net loan home stakeholders pointed out.

Analysys International analyst Li Zichuan told reporters, in the preparation of financial Jingdong already had established the idea of P2P. In the end of last year to do related research, after net loan threshold is not high, the profit space is also good. Coupled with the Jingdong before the supply chain finance, electricity providers of small loans, although its small loan companies, but small business loan lenders are capped, there are some bottlenecks, if P2P services can break the bottleneck.

Jingdong has accumulated a large number of upstream suppliers, with supply chain finance, which has become the biggest advantage of its net loan business. Jingdong P2P industry research and research has been relatively full, the system may have completed the framework. Once the introduction of Internet financial regulatory programs, Jingdong P2P platform may be as long as half a month online." Net loan home co-founder Zhu Mingchun pointed out.

Li Zichuan also said that at present there are many P2P companies, but continuing operations is difficult, after all, there is a lack of business line net loan borrowers, review and evaluation of the letter is not easy, though some find a small loan companies, Guarantee Corporation, but the cost is high. However, Jingdong itself on the supply chain finance platform

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