Jingdong 3C Shopping Festival to open a new 50 percent off explosion struck huge benefits

April 6th, Jingdong 3C Shopping Festival with an unprecedented scale and rich content to start. Participate in the activities of a wide range of goods, including mobile phones, digital, computer office and other categories. During the event, the brand, category, more comprehensive, more, more abundant and more affordable products, with high price and high quality service to consumers none feedback. Surprise more than this, 3C products every day 50 percent off limited panic buying, millions of profits, and explosive goods.

computer office super brand full 5000 minus 300

April 7th, Lenovo brand day, the audience enjoy full reduction. On April 5th -7, Lenovo notebook full 5000 by 300, at least 3000 by 200 (Lenovo), Lenovo Tianyi 10014 inch notebook computer, Lenovo (Lenovo) new ultimate slim this game waiting for you to purchase; on April 1st -10, Lenovo desktop full 2000 by 100, at least 5000 by 300. April 5th – 22, Jingdong 3C Shopping Festival computer office special, the beginning of the purchase of goods every day at 0 points, the total number of goods during the event of not less than 5000 of the total number of goods, grab the end of the. Computer category is rich, online home buying activities very hot. ASUS notebook full 3000 minus 200.4000 minus 300. MSI game this single stand by 200, in addition, a Jingdong of IOUS delayed 30 days to enjoy 12 interest free installment payment. Computer game 1 yuan Qipai office peripheral constantly; Jingdong 3C Shopping Festival, 1 yuan to grab 1 yuan treasure game computer office; projection TV hundred yuan coupons every day! The whole category of large Pro game peripherals preferential storm; 4.21-4.22 period more colorful activities.

100 thousand digital bag 1 million items 50 percent off crazy panic buying


3C digital shopping festival category main value each child welfare, were selected out of 9.9 yuan, 99 yuan Home Furnishing accessories bags bags, travel bags, 159 yuan, 299 yuan, 299 yuan love baby sports bags bags and bags and other nine value 999 yuan surprise theme "bags" combination. Among them, 9.9 yuan each child at 10 in the morning every day to grab a limited, grab the last. Each bag comprises 9 models of digital products, the intensity of the 50 percent off Cap! Not only that, in April 8th, Surface low to 2799 yuan; in April 9th, the new iPad Pro spot grab; April 11th, Canon camera as low as 599, the big half off limited camera seconds; in April 12th, iPad Mini 2 as low as 1749 yuan; April 15th, win over 300-200 exclusive coupons God in April 16th, the trend of headset; straight down 1000 yuan; in April 17th, intelligent equipment over 1000 by 100; in April 18th, Nikon SLR 1699 limited open grab more, April 11th -4 month 20 days every 50 percent off seconds flat limit every day! Let you earn cheap


big phone every day 50 percent off limited grab

mobile phone category, the majority of the

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