The United States money shot again or Bowser will become history

Gome announced that in May 23rd the United States spent 12 million yuan acquisition of Kuba remaining 20% stake. A day later, Gome equity to Wong Kwong Yu control of Gome sharp dynamic transfer of Kuba 40%. At the same time, created by Gome online mall new beauty 40% stake together to Gome sharp move. The formation of Gome holding 60%, Wong Kwong Yu holding pattern of 40%. This is after the United States sent. Martin succeeded Wang Zhiquan in Donghua shot again, to achieve the full control of the kuba.

this, the industry believes that this is a strong signal that the United States will be stationed in e-commerce. Some people even think that, after fully integrated in the Department of Gome online mall, Kuba this brand or will become history.

data show that the United States own platform "Gome mall" is the new beauty of the company’s operations, the United States had owned 100% stake, but after the transfer of shares, the shareholding ratio of Gome declined, with the same stock of Kuba now, is the United States 60% stake, Wong Kwong Yu holds more than 40%.

Registered corporate

"Beijing Gome sharp dynamic Agel Ecommerce Ltd" is Wong Kwong Yu’s sister Huang Xiuhong. Thus, Huang has become the actual controller of Kuba, owns 30% stake in Gome and Gome sharp move all share the yellow house, has the absolute right to speak.

Huang centralized ambition completely bared there and then.

at the end of 2010, Gome to buy 80% to 48 million yuan Kuba shares. Two months ago, Gome announced that its Kuba electrical network CEO Wang Zhiquan stepped down, keep its board position. Wang Zhiquan founded in 2006 century electric network, later renamed Kuba shopping network, November 2010, 80% shares sold to the United States will kuba. Today, Wang Zhiquan will be the last 20% stake at a price of 12 million sold to the United States, so far, Kuba completely dominated by the United states. It is said that Cuba had entrepreneurial team, including Wang Zhiquan, vice president of Peng Liang, etc., will leave in June next year, the network of.

these practices are indeed in the development of electricity providers to clear some obstacles. The outside world will also be interpreted as the purpose of the plan for the complete realization of Gome and its parent company in the electricity supplier on the joint venture." Lu Jiang said.

The United States

acquisition Kuba action is quite unpleasant.

Gome and its parent company had agreements, each other can not operate in the other countries, the United States trademark products in the region of the retail business. In this regard, Lu Jiang said in a statement: electricity supplier in the country to carry out a wide range of services, such an agreement will bring a lot of inconvenience, and thus seriously affect the customer experience. By means of joint venture, Wong Kwong Yu has agreed to stay after the completion of the acquisition, awarded Kuba / new beauty "non competition clause" immunity, and give a non exclusive "Gome" trademark licensing, the move was also believes that the United States is clear "big obstacles to the development of gome"."

Lu Jiang said, after go >

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